A good man treat his animals well

I just read that comment on MSN and it is so true.  Sure some people are too busy for animals,  some don’t like the uncleaness of them.  But the underlying fact is there are good people and mean people.

It is the mean person that will beat the sh#! out a dog, that will light a cat on fire, leave an animal with out food or water, or leave them out in extreme temperatures.  Unfortunately there are people like that in the world.  People that are just plain mean.  I myself don’t have a dog right now.  Our Brittany spaniel “Freeway” died a few years ago.

But my wife and I are too busy to have an animal.  We are on the go and we don’t feel it is fair for the dog to be home all alone all the time.  Plus I have an extensive flower garden that would probably get ripped up by a dog right now.  Plus we have a small deep stream and several ponds that I worry a small dog may drown in.

That’s what we would buy next.  A lap dog.  Something smaller that can snuggle up on the couch with my wife.  She just loves a dog.  She always tells me…Why don’t I jump up and down and wag my tail when she comes home like Freeway did.

Dogs do love you no matter how long you stay away and greet you at the door when you come home.  And cat lovers feel the same way.


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