$8000 gift from Uncle Sam

Well another month has gone by and now there is only 5 months to take advantage of the 2009 first time home buyers tax credit.  When in American history in the last century has the government given away 10% of the Metro Detroit home purchase price (up to $8000) back to the seller?

Now is a great time to buy.  Banks are still pricing Metro Detroit foreclosures very cheaply.  I just helped a home buyer find a 1000 square foot Westland bungalow for $45,000.  I helped another first time home buyer find a Farmington colonial for under a $95 a square foot that was in very good condition.  There are many good Metro Detroit home deals to be found.

So if you have been thinking of buying metro Detroit real estate and need a down payment it might pay to ask a relative for a loan until you get the tax credit back next year.  $8000 is a big gift to pass up.

If you need more information about this program give me a call or email me atyesmyrealtor@gmail.com

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