4 Home Selling Tips – Commerce Real Estate


4 Home Selling Tips – Commerce Real Estate

Selling your Commerce Real Estate home can be so stressful.  Trying to remember everything to impress the potential buyer.  I have listed 4 home selling tips to make your life a little easier.

1) A spare room should be viewed as a bonus. It is a “plus” feature of your home, but only if the buyers can view it as such. For example, if your spare room is used mostly as an office, then, during the selling process,you need to make it just that – an office! Get rid of the spare bed and the extra dressers full of last season’s clothes. Get rid of the boxes of storage items in the closet. Keep the essentials of your office such as a desk, filing cabinet, bookshelf, and a nice chair in the corner with a small table and lamp.

2) Fencing straight?  Need stain or paint.  Does any part of the house, trim, decks, gates, and front door need painted? Remember, when a buyer comes to look at your house, the first thing he sees is your front door.

3) In the summer, wash screens and windows outside and buy things that will enhance the house for showing that you can take with you…A new welcome mat, big potted plants for inside, pots of geraniums for the patio or deck.

4) Let your real estate agent Talk – Be polite but do not strike up a conversation with the prospective buyer. Your real estate agent has already given details on your property and needs all the attention of the buyer to increase his interest. do not get involved in a discussion with the prospective buyer if he objects or remarks about a room or arrangement or some other point about your property. Your associate can more easily overcome the objections.

If you want any assistance when you decide to list your home, give me a call on my cell (248)310-6239 and I will help you with all the preparations to list your Commerce home  or any home in Metro Detroit.  Our goal is to get you top dollar.  We sell over 50 homes a year.  But what does that mean to you.  It means that we are good at what we do, but not so big that you get lost in the shuffle and handed off to some team member.  When you hire me you get me.  So send me an email (yesmyrealtor@gmail.com) or call me on my cell.  If you want to know more about home selling tips and other additional information go to  my website click here.

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If you are not selling and actually thinking of buying then here are some Northville Township MI demographics to see what Northville Michigan is like and some Metro Detroit first time home buyer tips.  I always believe that an informed buyer makes smarter decisions.  There are so many things in the Michigan home buying process that may be strange to you.  You may not be aware of them.  But by looking and reading over some of my articles on home buying and selling you may understand why something happens.

If you do not know we have many Lakefront homes for sale Oakland County Michigan. Yes there are many lakes within an hour drive of Detroit.  Some people live on them year round and other just use them as cottages.  You can view lake listings in Clarkston MI.  To get more information about some of the local lakes you can go to my two lake websites to find lake sizes and depth.  Here is information about two local lakes lake homes Otter Lake Waterford MI and waterfront homes for sale Brighton Lake in Livingston County 

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If you have the dream of living on the lake then now is the time to start thinking about What Oakland County Lake do you want to be on the 4th of July.  It’s never too early to start planning your next move.

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Michigan property taxes and how they are set up are confusing to many Michigan residents and sometimes even more confusing to home buyers.  Why your Oakland County property taxes are still going up during bad times when home prices are falling.

If you are a home buyer you may wonder When will my home offer be accepted?  Every case is different read about the different scenarios.  This is the second part of my home buyer scenario.   Metro Detroit first time home buyers part 2 – where to start and do next  My goal is to help you get the best deal possible on your next home.

What are the 5 Top Lakes in Waterford MI! and other local lake information.

I love all the holidays.  It’s all about the kids and how much fun they have.  Halloween fun is just around the corner!!!  It’s about the smiles on their faces.

Check out Lake Properties for Sale in West Bloomfield MI or Pontiac Lake homes for sale in White Lake.  Pontiac Lake is a nice public all sports lake that has not turned into a high end over priced lake.  There are still many smaller lakefront cottages and homes on the lake.  Sylvan Lake Waterford Michigan connects to Otter Lake which is a more natural lake.

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