30 low cost tips to help improve your Metro Detroit home sale

30 low cost and easy home selling tips

Preparing your home for sale will make you money.  So many home sellers do not realize the huge mistake by not taking a day or two or get their home in shape.  It’s all about doing all those honey do’s that you have put off for years.  Metro Detroit home buyers like move in ready homes, but if a home appears to be taken care of home buyers are more confident in putting in an offer on a home.  There is also one factor that home sellers forget about.  When you have a home inspection they are going to tag all those little items.  Sometimes when you have a major item to repair and a large list of little items the buyer backs out because the home “WAS NOT TAKEN CARE OF’.  Do you want to lose a buyer that put in an offer on your home because of little items that could have been fixed easily?  Of course not.

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When going to list your Metro Detroit home you want it be like a model home if you can. You want to get top dollar for your home. Here is a list of 20 easy and low cost tips to help sell your piece of Michigan real estate.
These are just suggestions on what to do.  90% of today’s home buyers want a move in ready house. The more your Metro Detroit home is updated and in good shape the more attention and offers you will get from Metro Detroit home buyers.  I hope this list of home selling tips help you.

Clean up and paint over these old water stains after you have fixed the leak


1.)  Walk around the basement.  Look for any water stains.  Wash them off and paint them over.  They may have been from a leak years ago.  Look on the ceilings, on the walls, around the furnace, around sewer pipes, and on moldings.

2.)  Tighten up door knobs and door handles.
3.)  Caulk outside windows and doors especially coming up and around the front door.
4.)  Replace any lights or light switches that do not work,  Clean the light fixtures and globes while you are at it.
5.)  Install a new front door lock if it is “tricky” to get in
6.)  Look under the sinks.  Tighten up any pipes or fix any leaks under the sinks.  If there are water stains under the sink repaint over them.
7.)  Screw down any loose boards on the deck or the house.
8.) Go around check any doorwalls or windows.  Make sure they open, lock, and close easily.  Use a spray lubricant like graphite, or silicone, or oil depending on the type of window and mechanism that is there.

Replace any rotting wood, and make sure the windows open and close easily

9.)  Put on gutter extenders on the house for the downspouts.

10.)  Clean the gutters so there are no trees growing out of them.
11.) Trim trees and shrub so they don’t block windows and cut down on light.  Well manicured shrubs help with your curb appeal.
12.)   Put up sheers, and get rid of heavy drapes that block the sunlight.  Opening shades and drapes to let the sun shine warm and brighten rooms
13.)   Pick up a new doormat at Walmart, Meijers, or KMart.
14.)   Paint the front door in an accent color.  A glossy, cheerful color that compliments the exterior color will also add to curb appeal.
15.)   Pick up a pot of bright flowers or plant annuals (or a small evergreen in winter) on your porch.
16.)   Power wash is one of the cheapest ways to make your house sparkle.  Do the vinyl or aluminum siding, walkways, and driveway.  If your aluminum siding is in bad shape you can paint the siding.
17.)   Wash the windows so the light comes in.
18.)   Remove stains from the carpets.  Do a heavy duty cleaning of the floors, counters, sinks, baths, tile and grout.
19.)   Use the largest watt light bulbs possible to brighten up your Metro Detroit home even more.
20) Cut, and trim the Lawn.  Add mulch to the flower beds.  Trim up low lying trees and trim down huge bushes so you can see your home better.
21.) If you have wires hanging from the ceiling zip tie them, or secure them to the joists.  Make it look neat.
22.) Remove any trip hazards.  Hire a company to replace tilted or heaving cement.  Or they may be able to grind it down or lift it up.
23.) Eliminating house odors.. Cleaning the carpets or putting on a fresh coat of paint will cover and eliminate some of the smell.  Pet odors will be a major negative and will reduce the amount you will get for your piece of Metro Detroit real estate
24.) Tuck point ( fill any cracks) in outside (exterior) brick walls or porches
25.) Replace or tighten broken door handles, drawer pulls, light switches and electrical plates
26.) Make sure closet doors open and close.   You may have to cut a little off the bottom of the door. Make sure they do not fall off the tracks too
27.) Fix any drips or odd noises that buyers will notice
28.) Oil or Lubricate any squeaky door hinges and locks
29.) Set your dining room with a nice place setting – like you were throwing a party.
30.) Level any crooked kitchen cabinet doors.

Replace old boards in the deck and restain

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As a metro Detroit realtor that takes a lot of home buyers out, I see what turns off home buyers and what they want in homes.  You do not have to do any of these items,  you can do just some of them.  It is up to you on how much time and energy you want to put in your home sale.  The nicer your home is I can guarantee the more you will get.  Homes that need repair, or show that they have not been maintained get less money.  It is a fact.
I hope these 30 low cost and easy home selling tips help you get the sales price you want.  I have helped many Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, and Macomb County home sellers get top sales prices.   Give me a call, or text on my cell at (248) 310-6239 and I will be glad to show you my aggressive marketing plan that has gotten many of my client’s Metro Detroit homes sold.

I want to buy a Metro Detroit home but I have one to sell  You may be in this predicament too.  How can you buy a home if have another home.  Can you qualify for two homes?  Would you want to have two mortgages at the same time?  How to sell your Michigan home easily and for top dollar.  Find out more tips and tricks on selling your home.  Here is some Farmington Hills Michigan real estate info.   A good Metro Detroit real estate agent will have good reviews.  Here is one of my clients saying Thanks Russ.  I really appreciate nice notes like that.

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