3 reasons why your Novi home is not selling

Metro Detroit Home selling tips

There are three main reasons your Novi home or any Metro Detroit Home oesn’t sell.

  1. Location

  2. Condition

  3. Price

1).  Location.  Is your home located:

  • near commercial property
  • on a main street
  • near a school
  • near a cell tower

When ever your home has external influences like a view of a commercial property it lowers the value of the home.  It reduces the numbers of buyers that want your home.  What you have to do is lower the list price of the home until your home becomes a value.

2).  Condition  Is your home outdated?

Do you still have shag carpet on the floors, or metallic wallpaper.  Do you have 1960’s ceramic tile in the bathroom?  Never updated the furnace, the bathrooms, or kitchen?  Michigan home buyers like move in ready homes.  When you don’t have a updated or move in ready home it is less desirable.  Less desirable means lower value which comes back to price again.

Once again in order to sell your home if it is in less than pristine condition you need to lower the price.

3.)   Price

When trying to sell your Novi home it is all about price.  Every home will sell if the price is right.  It doesn’t matter if it is a dump in Detroit.  The dumps are selling at $1000 or $2000. Or a outdated estate home in Plymouth MI with shag carpeting, pink and black bathroom tile, and blue velour wallpaper.  All homes sell.  We just have to reduce the price until it becomes a value.  Until the amount of work required to bring it up to a normal equals the price reduction.

The bottom line is that All homes sell, but price is the one factor that will correct problems such as the condition of the house, or things you can’t change such as location.

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