3 Big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan

hat are 3 big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield?  When I say a big lake I usually am saying it is over 200 acres in size.  If you are looking for a big all sports lake in W Bloomfield you are most likely a water sports enthusiast.  You want to be able to jet ski, or water ski, or surf, or wake-board behind your boat.  You do not want to be bored with a small lake going around in a small circle.  A big all sports lake will usually have a little definition with maybe some bays, or peninsulas, or an island.  It breaks up the shoreline and your view of the whole lake.  It makes it a little more exciting than a round lake where you can see the whole lake.  3 big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield are  Orchard Lake, Upper Straits Lake, and Pine Lake.  Remember there are other lakes like Walnut Lake, Cass Lake, Green Lake, and Middle Straits Lake in West Bloomfield (to name a few others).
orchard lake
      Most of Orchard Lake lies in Orchard Lake Village, but some of it does lie in West Bloomfield MI.  Remember what is the “best” all sports lake in West Bloomfield Michigan is just a matter of opinion.  I honestly just used this title to you can find out about some of the good lakes in West Bloomfield when you do a Google or Bing search.   When looking for a lakefront home in West Bloomfield you are going to find that many of the homes are going to be more expensive than other surrounding communities.  It is hard to find lake homes as close to metro Detroit and downtown Detroit as West Bloomfield is.  Most of the lakes in Metro Detroit are either further North or further west making the commute back and forth to work longer.  Though I know people that live on the lake that drive an hour or more to get to work.  The luxury of living on a lake out weighs the drive time.  The relaxation and the setting of lake living makes it all worth while.
     Another reason waterfront homes on all sports lakes in West Bloomfield are more expensive per square foot is because of West Bloomfield’s excellent schools.  Add in the communities reputation, and low crime rate you have a stable if not increasing home values.  Because there is a limited amount of lakes and no more being made lake homes are always in demand in West Bloomfield.  You will find that most of the lake houses in the community are year round homes.  There are very few of them that are weekend cottages.  You will find many luxury lakefront estates.
upper straits lake
Orchard Lake in West Bloomfield MIis a vary large, all-sports lake. This lake is not private and has public access off Orchard Lake Rd. north of Pontiac Trail. The lake is about 788 acres in size, and about 110 feet deep. This makes it perfect for you to drop your boat in the water to go tubing, water-skiing, wake-boarding, or just relaxing and soaking in the sun.

Pine Lake in West Bloomfield MI, is also a large all sports lake, at about 395 acres in size. The difference between Pine Lake and Orchard, however, is that Pine Lake is private. There is no public access, or public beaches. However, The Pine Lake Country club is located right on the lake! The club provides all different activities, and the history behind it is truly special.

Upper Straits Lake in W Bloomfield MIis close in comparison to Pine Lake. Being a Large, all-sports, private lake, at about 323 acres in size and 96 feet in depth. Upper Straits Lake has about 210 homes on it, and about 600 lake access homes. The lots are very pricey, even the smallest homes on the lake are worth a lot of money. Investing here would be a good idea.

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