2942 WESSON Street, Waterford Twp

This is a rental property that needs some work its located at Dixie Hwy and Wesson Street. So all you Do it yourself-er’s Get excited!!!


 This home is one that any handy man or do it yourself-er would love! this is a first home fixer upper or rental property which is so exciting for anyone that loves re-doing the insides of homes and making them look like a totally new place! interior designers and contractors know that homes aren’t always what they seem, a home can look like a complete mess at first, whether that be just cosmetic fixes or total remodels, don’t judge a home by its paint color! this home can provide either you or possible a renter of yours great memories just as much as a newly built home or possibly more because you did the work yourself. A home like this can make someone feel proud and accomplished, creative and stylish! If you are one of those people that loves doing things for themselves this home is truly the one for you! So to get a better look at whats inside, and to get even more excited than you already are about this house give Russ Ravary  a call TODAY at (248)310-6239 or shoot him an email at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com

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