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If you want to keep it – get it out of the house home selling tips

  Well it’s time to list your house and move to another home.  But you have a special chandelier that you love.  Or your mother made that stained glass window and you want to keep it. If you have items that you want to keep, switch them out before you put the house on the market.  Whether it is a Northville home or a Canton home you do not

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Zillow and Trulia list it as a foreclosure but no address

  Sometimes Zillow and Trulia will list a home in a city as a foreclosure but they won’t give an address.  These sites use public records as a resource so they may pull up that a home has recently go into foreclosure.  In Michigan a house will go into foreclosure but it isn’t owned completely by the bank yet.  The

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How a showing appointment gets set up – Metro Detroit homes

  When you send me a list of Metro Detroit homes to see this is what I do.  I first print all the MLS sheets of the home out there to make sure they are all available.  Then I map quest them to put them in a route so we are not backtracking or wasting time. Then I make calls to the listing office. 

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How to sell your home – Farmington Hills 6 home selling tips

  Here is how to sell your home – 6 selling tips once you have made up your mind, now is the time to move. These home selling tips will come in handy when you start fixing up your Farmington Hills home for that potential buyer. Neatness, cleanliness, de-clutterness, odor free Farmington Hills home is what the buyers want, in fact they demand it, they will not settle

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6 Home Selling Tips – Northville Homes

  Home Selling Tips are good to know especially when you get them from a real estate agent as myself. I have listed 6 Home Selling Tips to get you prepared for the day when you decide to sell your Northville Home. You want to make a good impression for the prospective buyer. When they walk into your Northville home

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Livonia restaurants – Metro Detroit relocation

    If you are moving to Metro Detroit and are a foodey you will love Livonia .  The City of Livonia and the surrounding cities is a mecca for many restaurants.  Of course Livonia has the standard fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell.  Then  we have Logans Road House, IHOP, Bob Evans, Chilis, Mitchells Fish Market, Flemings, Champs, J Alexanders just to name a

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3 best ways to resolve inspection issues – West Bloomfield real estate

  There are 4 ways to resolve inspection issues on West Bloomfield real estate.  You want to give the seller a choice of what to do.  You don’t want them to just say no or counter offer you.   You want them to have multiple choices of what to do.  Either this or either that, you don’t want them to pick the fourth choice. 

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Oakland County Lake Homes – Lake Oakland Waterfront Properties Waterford Twp MI

 Here is an amateur video on Lake Oakland Waterfront Properties Oakland County.   The homes are small cottages to nice brick colonials.  There is a mixture of Lake Oakland home styles you can choose from whether it is a bungalow, cape cod, contemporary, tudor, colonial, split levels, or ranches.  They range from a 8000 square foot ranch, or a 4800 tudor style home, or a

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Get on the ball – Commerce Township real estate buyers tips

As a buyer of Commerce Township real estate you have to get going as soon as the inspection is done.  When you put in an offer on a Commerce home the first thing you need to do is contact your mortgage person and ask them what you need to send them to get the mortgage going. I as your realtor will send them the purchase agreement,

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Northville Millage rates – Northville real estate

Here are the latest Northville millage rates.  When you buy Northville real estate the home resets to the State Equalized Value (SEV).  If you times the SEV  by the millage rate you will be able to get an idea of what your new taxes will be.  Baring any increase in the millage rate. 2012 Summer Millage Rates The following are the summer millage rates for Northville Township within

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