2 ways to raise your credit score

2 ways to raise your credit score

Here are two ways to raise your credit score.

1.)  Pay down your balances.  Part of the credit score formula is based on how much you owe versus how high your limit.   If you are at you limit your score is going to be lower than if you were at 33%.  So start on one credit card and start paying them down.  Your credit score will go up.

2.)  Go through the credit report and get any errors credit fixed.  This takes time to contact the creditor that made the mistake and time to get the information to the credit bureau.  But it is worth it.  Little items will cost you points on your credit report.

And of course pay your bills on the time.  That is the most important thing you can do.  Don’t let any medical bills go into collection and make ALL your payments on time.  Re-building your credit takes time but you have to get started.

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