2 quick tips to Help sell your Metro Detroit Home

Curb Appeal? Does your Metro Detroit Home have it?

Curb appeal is one of the most important items that your Michigan home should have!!!!  So many people look at the picture of your home from the outside on the internet or by email.  If it doesnt invite the buyer to come in or at least drive by then you have already lost the battle.

Here are two simple tips to get your outside of your home in shape.

  1. Trim the shrubs and trees to let people see your Michigan Home.  If you have overgrown trees and shrubs blocking your home people get the idea that you may not have taken care of the inside.  Trim the tree branches up higher.  Pull out overgrown shrubs.  Plant new ones.  Dont be cheap.  Buy a good sized shrub to replace it.  By spending a $1000 or $2000 to get people in the door may be one of the best investments you make.  The house should show up behind the landscaping.  Bushes and trees that are blocking windows are blocking light inside the house.  A bright cheerful house sells quicker than a dark gloomy house.  Let the light in.  Trim those trees and bushes!!!                              Can you see this House?Wouldn’t this house look better with smaller bushes by the front door and the other ones trimmed?
  2. Paint the front door.  Is your door old and faded?  If your house is grey you might want to paint the front door purple to make a great accent.  If you have white aluminum siding you could paint the door red or black.  Make your entrance a show stopper.

Get something extra when you buy a home with Russ

Taking the time to fix up the outside of your Metro Detroit Home will bring home buyers inside.  Home buyers are scarce in 2008.  So everyone that you can convince to come into your home will help sell your house quicker.  It still is a numbers game.  The more people that look at your home for sale, the more likely that one person will fall in love with it.

Another option is hiring a home stager.  Metro Detroit Home stagers can help you get your home to look its best.


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