#2 Killer of Home sales – Raging emotions during home negotiations

Sure home inspections are the number one reason home sales fall apart.   You can’t stop that. There are also mortgage issues that derail a home sale and of course buyers get flakey.  Yes, buyers do change their mind and sometimes want to bail out of the deal.   As a seller you can’t control those items.  But you can control this next issue.

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Did you know that raging emotions and anger are the number #2 killer of home sales?  When  a buyer’s or seller’s emotions come into play during home negotiations it many times kills the deal.  Buyers and sellers are both are guilty when it comes to letting their emotions get the best of them.  You want to get the home to the closing table and the key is some how to stay calm.   Like many of my home selling tips I highlight one city, but this home selling tip is good for any city.

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Want to know how to be calm during home negotiations and get your SE Michigan home sold with less stress?  The negotiating part of selling your  home is one of the most important parts of getting the home deal closed.  When two parties are far apart the goal is to get both parties to compromise.  After all the goal is to reach a deal where both parties are satisfied.  Sure there are times when the buyer and seller will never get together because they are too far apart or one party will not budge.  Yes, some times one of the parties are unreasonable. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Southfield, Royal Oak, or Canton be rational and remember the end goal.  The end goal is to get your home sold.

So here is a Metro Detroit home selling tip on Home negotiations.

When the buyer and seller have long periods of time to think about the negotiations and sweat about them then sometimes it gets ugly.  Home negotiations sometimes take a turn and become personal.  Home buyers and home sellers get angry and upset with the opposite side.  So if you want to sell your suburban Detroit home step back and keep your emotions out – the buyer is not trying to screw you.  It is the same way on the other side.  The buyer may be feeling the same way about you.

Remember these are just feelings.  Most times these feelings/emotions have no basis.  I have had clients that just get upset for no reason.  Sometimes they feel it is a slight.  They feel the other side is out to take advantage of them.  They feel the other side is out to screw them.  It may be something as simple as the other side taking a longer time to respond.  They may not be taking a long time to respond on purpose.  They may have had family issues, or a work load that had them taking a while to respond.  Most buyers and sellers try to respond to offers and counter offers reasonably quickly.  But this is one time emotions come out.

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On the next Southeastern Michigan home you buy you are going to try to get the best deal possible.  Just like you the buyers of your home are pushing to get the best deal possible.  You want to sell your Michigan home for the most possible money with the least amount of grief.  The buyer naturally wants to pay the least they can.  That’s natural.  We all have different opinions of what is a “fair price” or what is a “fair deal”.  That’s natural and that’s when it gets dicey.  Tempers flare, and negotiations can fall apart when your emotions get involved.

So try to stay calm because you will be able to negotiate better on your home when you don’t let anger get in the way.  So that’s my Michigan home selling tip on negotiations.  Stay calm and realize that it is a business deal and not personal.  It doesn’t matter if it is a home in a Plymouth Commons subdivision in Plymouth Michigan or a home in Howell Michigan.

Hire one of the best to sell your home

If you have a good real estate agent in your corner they will help you stay calm and work hard to get your sale to the closing table.  Give me a call at (248) 310-6239 is you need a good real estate agent.  A good real estate agent will do their best to protect your interests and get you and your home deal to the closing table.

Success on your next move depends on a good working partnership between you and your agent.  I want you to sell your home for the best price possible.  Here is an old article on Farmington Hills Condos & Homes for Sale!  It is pretty interesting to see how much home prices have increased over the few last years.  Home prices are continuing to rise, however at some point we are going to see a correction.   That is why as a First Time Home Buyer you have to be smart and not over pay when you buy a home.  Ask your real estate agent for the latest comps in the area.

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