18 Truly Bizarre homes from around the world

I am always amazed at the creativity of the human mind.  How do people come up with these crazy ideas?  Who would ever think to build a home like this? I would like to meet some of the original builders just to hear what their motivation was.

Metro Detroit real estate is boring compared to these bizarre homes.  Yes we have log homes, and some unique contemporary homes, old lake cottages in Oakland County, and earth sheltered homes.  But none as crazy as these 18 bizarre homes.  Which of these bizarre homes do you like the best?

I always wonder what inspires people to build houses like this.  What do you think some of these cost to build?  That is what I wonder.  Some of them are so unique and definitely defies explanation.  Is it the artist in the home owner coming out?   Or did they just want to show off to others?  What do you think?

I honestly do not know of any home in Michigan that is as unique as these homes.  Sure we are building homes out of shipping containers which I think is crazy.  They must be cold in the winter and hot in the summer as far as I am concerned.  Which of these homes do you like the best?

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