#1 Financial Move when buying a Michigan home


So many home buyers enter into the home buying process without realizing that it is just not about buying a home.  It is also about make a smart investment.  Would you put $5000 into a mutual fund or a stock without thinking about return or your budget.  It should be the same way when you start your search for a Metro Detroit home.  It does not matter if it is a small ranch home in West Bloomfield or a waterfront home on Commerce Lake in Commerce Township you need to buy financially smart.  I know you want a home and never thought about this BUT>>>>>>>>>> Your home is going to be one of your biggest financial decisions you make in your life.  If you are like most people your home is going to be one of your biggest financial assets later in life.  Yes many times your home may be a big percentage of your net worth later in life.

My goal as your realtor to help you be smart in your choice of homes.   I want you to get in the mind set of also thinking financially when you buy a home. It is not just about buying that nice new home and forgetting about the big commercial building that is behind that new home.  That location is going to make the house worth less in years to come. It is about buying a home that is like the other homes in the neighborhood and not buying the white elephant.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings in your back yard

I want you to be one of my smart Michigan home buyers.  So what is the #1 financial move to make when buying a Michigan home?  Figuring out for yourself what you can afford financially. So many young home buyers buy more of a house than they can afford. They can afford the house payments but later they cannot afford to pay to have a new roof put on or a new furnace put in.  I do not want you to be in that predicament.

As your realtor I ask you to sit down and think about your budget. I do not want you to buy a piece of Novi real estate at $350,000 when it would be smarter for you to buy a $275,000 home in a different community. I cannot make that decision for you. Too many times Michigan home buyers hear their lender say they can buy a $350,000 house and then they buy one.

It is all about your budget and what you can comfortably afford in a house payment. Remember to include your home owner association fees, taxes, and home owners insurance. As a smart home buyer you need to sit down and put together a budget. Yes I know most people never do that. But at least figure out what a $1200 or $2000 house payment would do to you. How would that impact your life style? Would you still be able to take a nice vacation? Would you be able to go out to dinner or take weekend trips? Or would you be eating mac and cheese all the time?

My goal as a your realtor is to help you make good decisions when buying a home.  I am a no pressure realtor.  Whatever you decide I am fine with.  I just want to be aware of factors you may not realize.  Remember we offer a great home buyers bonus too!  Call me today to get started on your home search (248) 310-6239


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Russ is full time realtor with 14 years of experience of finding good deals for his clients.  An added bonus is that he buys a new kayak, or lawnmower, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower when you buy and close on a home with him.

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