Should you buy a Michigan home with a high radon reading?

Will it still be a sellers market this spring

I thought I would address whether you should you buy a Michigan home with a high radon reading?  That is a question that I hear quite often from my buyers here in SE Michigan.  Radon is sometimes quite common.  1 in 8 homes nationwide have radon.  What is different about radon gas is that sometimes one area has it and other areas are radon free.  Even from one house to another in a subdivision it may change.  So it always pays to have your home checked.  So here is information about radon and it’s effects.

Did you know that January is Radon Action month?.  If you have a basement in the Metro Detroit home you are buying and you should be concerned about exposure to cancer causing gas.    It does not matter whether it is a home for sale in Royal Oak or a lake home in Waterford  I would recommend to do a radon test when you buy a home.  Quite a few homes do not even have basements as they were built on slabs or crawl spaces.  That is one part that I do not know about.  I don’t know if you should get a radon test for a house without a basement?  It is a question you should ask your home inspector when scheduling a home inspection.

The knowledge of radon and the link to cancer has become more publicly know in the last few years.  For years nobody understood the dangers of radon.  I myself believe part of the rise in the number of cancer patients is due to radon.  We didn’t know anything about it in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, 1980’s.  Here in Michigan we started building basements as usable space for kids to play and to have family gatherings without realizing the dangers of radon.  So some people were exposed to radon gas and never knew it.  Simple because of the trend of building usable basement space.

I recently had a client that moved from Chicago.  They lived in a million dollar home.  The wife told me that the new home owners did a radon test and it was very high.  My client felt really bad because their kids played in the basement their whole life and were exposed to the radon gas.  That is why it is so important to have it checked.  The welfare of you and your family may be at stake.

Protect your family from radon gas

Did you know that one in eight homes in the US have radon gas in them?  Could your home have it?  The only way to know is to have it tested.  Of course there is a greater chance that you do not, but is it worth the chance?  There are home test kits sold on line or at stores like Lowes, Menards, and Home Depot.  I would spend the money to have it checked out.

Here is a quick question and answer section about radon.

Just what exactly is Radon?
Radon is an odorless and colorless gas produced by decaying uranium in soil, rock and groundwater. Radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths each year and the U.S. Surgeon General and leading health organizations recommend that all homes be tested.

Get your home checked for radon gas

How would radon gas get into a home?

Radon gets into the indoor air through various means, including cracks in the foundation, basement floors or concrete slabs and openings around floor drains and sump pumps. Sump pumps are one of the major ways it enters Michigan lake homes.  Radon levels can change considerably from home to home in the same neighborhood and can even vary over time.
How can I tell if my Michigan Lake home has radon?
A simple and inexpensive radon test can be performed by a home inspector to determine if you have an elevated radon level in your home and if a relatively simple mitigation procedure is in order.
What can I do if I have radon in my lake house?
If high levels of radon are confirmed, they should be reduced. Often this can be done with simple, inexpensive techniques, like sealing cracks and venting. In some cases, mitigation may be more extensive. You should contact a qualified radon mitigation company to find the best solution for your situation

Here is a picture of a radon mitigation system

If you are buying a home in Michigan it is wise to have it tested.  Then at least the seller will pay for the mitigation system.  Radon Mitigation systems are relatively cheap to put in.  They range from $800 to $1500 to install.  It is well worth the price to protect your family from radon gas.  I hope this explains radon gas and why you should test and take care of it.  It is really a pipe with a fan on it to pull the gas out of your home.

Bottom line is would I or should you buy a home that has radon gas in it?  Yes it is safe to buy a home with a high radon gas reading if the seller or you put in a radon mitigation system.  The mitigation system will reduce the levels of radon gas to a safe level.  If you have questions about buying a home here in metro Detroit give me a call or text at (248) 310-6239.  I can help point out some of the issues you may run into when buying a home and advise you whether you should pass on the house.  My goal is to help you find you a good home not a money pit.


This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

Radon is in lake home too.  So whether you are buying a Bogie Lake waterfront property in White Lake Michigan or any home in Oakland County you want to have it inspected and tested for Radon.   Buying a home can be confusing, but I believe a knowledgeable buyer is better prepared to make smart decisions because they know what to do.  Here are some more Home Buyer tips – West Bloomfield houses for sale.  If you have never been to Michigan but just found out you have a job transfer to SE Michigan you may want to learn about the best cities and where to move to.  Here is some information on relocating to Michigan – Moving to Livonia

If you are not buying but selling your Metro Detroit home things may have changes since you last sold.  Here are some ways to negotiate when the buyer finds things wrong with your home.  Negotiating the home inspection – Home selling tips

I have lots of home buyer and home seller tips on this website.  So feel free to click on the links on the side page to learn more about real estate, home buying or home selling.






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Goals of a home buyer – Metro Detroit real estate talk

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or are an experienced home buyer.   I thought I would share some of the goals you should have when buying a home.

Would you like a kitchen like this?

1.)   Buy a home that fits the goals and needs of you and your family.   This seems straight forward, but over the years I have seen people buy homes that make no sense.  Sometimes home buyers look for a long time and get tired of the process.  They get so tired of looking for that perfect house in their mind that they just buy anything at the end.  Sometime totally different that what they were looking for over the last few months.  Just because they got tired and just bought.

Write down your must have in a home.  The write down what you would like to have.  Sure you wants and must haves might change over the time you start and when you finish but that is normal.  Sometimes it is finding out what you want is not in your price range.  Budget is many times a big priority.  One piece of advice is you want to listen to your real estate agent.  We have been in the trenches a long time.  If you hire an experienced, successful real estate agent we will have worked with hundreds of buyers and will understand our local markets.  Sometimes we get clients that know it all.  They will not listen to us.  Sure we help them find a home, but sometimes they make a major mistake in their choice.

As a realtor we are not going to get in a fight with you if you think you know more than us.  Many years ago I had a client that knew so much more than me.  They would ask questions and then do something different. Well they had a budget of $500,000 for a lake home.  Well they flipped and bought a lake lot at $289,000.   My client knew more than me and felt he could build the house cheap.  Well they ended up spending over $700,000 on a 1900 square foot home.  So now they are upside down in their lake home on a mediocre lake.  So it pays to listen to your realtor it will pay off.

2.)  The goal of buying a home is too be debt free when you retire.  Sure some financial planners that make money off you investing with them will say I am wrong with this.  However having your home paid off when you retire and have less income will make your golden years a little easier.  You will not have a mortgage payment and will have more money to enjoy life.

Look at the sun

3.)  The third goal of buying a home is to make money when you sell the home in the future.  It is all about buying a home that will be worth more later on.  So what are some of the reason why a home is worth less or more?  What negatively affects a home price and makes a home sell for less.

a.)  Odd layout.  Most homes have a conventional layout.  When it is an odd layout, or a layout that people get confused in….it hurts the sale price and takes longer to sell.  When you have to go around in a circle to get to all the rooms is a confusing layout to people.  Most people like a center hallway, not one that circles around the house.

b.)  External influences.  What I mean by that is buying a home that is by a busy road, or a high tension electrical tower, or by a commercial business.  All of these items discount the price of the house.  You may buy a house for less, but you are going to sell it for less later on.  One of the biggest mistakes of new construction buyers is buying a new house with those issues.   Their home is not going to be worth as much when they go to sell it.

c.)  Schools.  A poor or below average school system is not the best place to buy a home.  Home buyers like to buy homes in good school district.  Usually you can say better school districts will have higher demand for the homes.  So do not buy a home in a declining school district or declining city.

These are the goals you should have when buying a home.  If you are looking for a real estate agent that will watch out for your needs and wants give me a call or text.  My cell is (248) 310-6239  I will work hard for you and your family.


Do you know What to bring to your Mortgage application?  This article will tell you about the top 5 things to bring to the mortgage lender so you won’t have to do it later.  This will help you be prepared.  If you are a first time home buyer or forgot what PMI is here is a quick explanation of PMI?  If you are a first time home buyer check out these Michigan first time home buyer tips.  I always believe that an informed home buyer will make smarter choices.  They will know what to expect and the whole home buying process will be smoother for them.

West Bloomfield homes for sale

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The Largest All Sports Lake in Commerce Township

So what is the biggest all sports lake in Commerce Michigan?  It all depends on who you believe on the size of Commerce Lake.  I have found two different sizes of the lake.  One source says 236 acres and another source puts North Commerce Lake at 173 acres and South Commerce Lake at 119 acres.  If you add up 173 acres and 119 acres you get the total for Commerce Lake 292 acres.  So it depends on who you believe.  So it makes a difference when deciding which is Commerce Twp’s largest lake.  So instead of worry about which one is I decided I would give you information on both of them.

Would you like a view like this from your next home?

Let’s go skiing

Lake Sherwood   The lake is about 258 acres in size including the canals.  It’s not a very deep lake, it is only about 20 foot deep in the deepest spot.  There are two islands on the lake that are about 2 acres total in size.  One is on the north end of the lake by the boat launch and the other is on the southwest corner of the lake down by Sleeth Road.

Here is some information on the shoreline

  •  Main Lake: 2.4 miles – 147.3 acres
  • Canals: North Side across Commerce Road – 18.1 acres
  •               South Side of Commerce Road (East of Main Lake)- 94.6 acres
  • The total shoreline for the lake including the canals is 9.2 miles

Many lake home owners just love Lake Sherwood in Commerce because not only is it close to the expressways via Duck Lake Road and Wixom Road.  It is what I call a subdivision lake.  Lake Sherwood is a man made lake and a planned community.  Basically it is a subdivision with a lake in the middle of it.  The majority of the homes were built in the same time.  Most of the homes are brick homes with attached garages.  Yes, some are colonials, some are ranches, and some are split level homes.  But there are no really odd homes in the subdivision.  Like an old lake cottage would stand out.


Another great view of the lake

One Swan a swimming on Commerce Lake in Oakland County

One of the lake residents enjoying the lake!

Commerce Lake   Commerce Lake is located just north of Oakley Park Road and east of Benstein Road.  Many people call it Commerce Lake but it is actually two lakes.  One is North Commerce Lake and the other is South Commerce Lake.  Depending on who you talk to the lake is either 235 acres or 293 acres.  It is a good size private all sports lake.  Only the lake residents can put a boat on the lake and there is no DNR Launch.  Commerce Lake is desirable to many Oakland County Lake home owners because it is relatively close to the highways.  If you don’t know about the lakes area in Oakland County rush hour can be trying.  Many of the roads around the lakes are only two lane and curve around the lakes.  So at 5 o’clock it can be very busy.  It can add an half an hour to your commute if you pick a lake in mid to north Oakland County.

The homes are either custom built luxury homes or waterfront homes and cottages on Commerce Lake.  Many of them have been remodeled over the years, or are being remodeled.  You will still find small cottages on the lake, but you will also find bigger homes on the lake.  There are some homes on the lake that are valued at over a million dollars.  So when searching for a lake home you will find all types of lake homes in Commerce.


Russ Ravary Your Lakes area realtor.


There are so many reasons lake home buyers want big lakes in Oakland County. Here are a few of them the reasons I have heard.

  1. My family wants to be on a big lake because my husband gets bored on little lakes.  We want to go around the lake on our pontoon and not be home in 10 minutes.
  2. The guy in the family wants to by a speed boat and go fast.
  3. We are  water sports enthusiast that love water skiing and wake boarding
  4. We want to take our grand kids tubing

These past home buyers wanted to be on a bigger all sports lake in Commerce Township that is closer to the expressways or M-5.  That way they are spending more time with family than spending it on the road.

There are some very nice all sports lake in the township.  Below I have listed the 5 biggest all sports lakes in Commerce Township so you can understand more about them.  The lakes range in size from 455 acres down to    Two of them are only partially in the township.  Actually the 2 lakes (Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake) are barely in Commerce.  The lakes just have a small corner in the township.  If I had to pick out one lake as the most prestigious or most desirable I would say it is Union Lake.  There are many elegant luxury homes on the lake and even the small cottages are getting a very high price per square foot.



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January 2019 real estate update

Are you thinking of moving in 2019 this article may help you.  Whether you are selling or buying in Oakland County you may want to know what is happening.  The metro Detroit real estate market has changed.  Every since September real estate agents have notice that the market has slowed down.  The average metro Detroit consumer many of them would say that is normal for this time of year.  They know that our real estate market picks up each spring and slows down in the winter.  Some people just do not like to go out in the cold.  It is true that our market does slow down in the fall and winter in SE Michigan.  But it is slower than normal this winter.  The metro Detroit real estate market has shifted.  It is changing….. the question how much is it changing.

Will it still be a sellers market this spring?

Even good SE Michigan realtors are feeling it this year.  It is making them nervous.  Many of them are slower than ever before.  Is it slower than ever before?  Is it slower than 2008?  That I don’t know.  I just know it is slower.  Here are some of the statistics of how many homes are on the market.  You can  see that over the last few years the number of homes in Oakland County have gone down.  So if you look at the 2nd column (that’s the number of homes for sale in Oakland County) you will notice that we have over 2000 less homes on the market.  That is a 33% drop from just a couple of years ago.    The first column is all the homes in our metro Detroit MLS.  In three years you will notice that there are 14000 less homes on the market. The overall drop for the whole MLS is even bigger.  There is a 38% drop in the number of homes for sale.  It does not matter if it is lake houses in West Bloomfield or Wayne County homes for sale.   I believe this is helping new home builders.  But I have even heard that they are slowing down too.  So what will our Michigan real estate market be like this spring?  What will the Metro Detroit real estate market be like?  Will buyers still be scrambling to find a home?

Jan-16 38370 7375
Feb-16 38202 7352
Mar-16 38091 7322
Apr-16 37745 7303
May-16 37072 7211
Jun-16 36505 7107
Jul-16 35859 7006
Aug-16 35168 6883
Sep-16 34447 6740
Oct-16 33729 6606
Nov-16 33150 6503
Dec-16 32324 6360
Jan-17 31665 6243
Feb-17 31011 6137
Mar-17 30539 6063
Apr-17 29709 5908
May-17 29070 5804
Jun-17 28663 5734
Jul-17 27953 5596
Aug-17 27499 5506
Sep-17 27257 5440
Oct-17 26703 5368
Nov-17 26388 5302
Dec-17 26270 5249
Jan-18 25941 5200
Feb-18 25711 5144
Mar-18 25437 5124
Apr-18 24999 5086
May-18 24798 5029
Jun-18 24856 5047
Jul-18 24718 5038
Aug-18 24558 5018
Sep-18 24526 5016
Oct-18 24421 5009
Nov-18 24290 5044
Dec-18 24052 5011

This is squeezing buyers.  There are just so few homes to chose from.  What is causing this change?  One of the factors is that home owners are staying in their homes longer.  Back in 2005 to 2007 they said the average home owner moved every 7 years.  Now I am betting the average is 20 years.  Less homes turning over.

Now if you look at the chart below for Oakland County homes you will see that the average days on the market has dropped too.  So the homes on the market are selling.


I was out with two young home buyers this weekend and they were repeating what their parents were saying.  The parents were saying that the real estate market was slowing down and that the home prices were going to fall.  I don’t believe that will be the case.  In order for that to happen we need more inventory.  I don’t see many people moving.  I just don’t see the numbers changing.  What will have to happen is that we have more homes on the market than buyers.

Metro Detroit home inventory has to go up.  Or the economy has to take such a drastic change that it scares the buyers out of the market. More home owners have to become sellers.  So what will cause that?  I myself don’t know.  I do not have that crystal ball.  Even the number of months supply is down.  All of this shows Oakland County is still a buyers market.  So if you are a buyer you will still have to get out there and see the home as soon as it hits the market.  You will need to make decisions quickly and put your best offer in the first time.

Metro Detroit home sellers still can price their homes near the top of the market.  The key is not to over price your home.  You don’t want to be sitting on the market because then home buyers will low ball you.  It is smarter to price it right from the beginning and get it sold.  I hope this January 2019 real estate update helps you.  Click here to search lake homes for sale or click here for all SE Michigan homes for sale.


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6 biggest all sports lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan

Aerial view of Union Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

Here is a list of large all sports lakes in West Bloomfield.  If you don’t know what an all sports lake in W Bloomfield is here is an explanation.  On an all sports lake you can have any type of boat, or personal watercraft.   You can have a speed boat, a jet ski, a fishing boat.  Any boat with a motor of any size.  You can have basically have anything on the lake so long as you stay within the laws on the lake.  You can also pull water skiers, wakeboarders, surfers, or tubers.  Living on an all sports lake allows many options for a lake home owner.

My goal as your real estate agent is helping you find which lake is the best lake in Oakland County for you and your family.  You may want to know how clean the lake is?  How busy is the lake?   How deep is the lake?  Is it a party lake?  So many times Oakland County lake home buyers get bad information or information from friends that is skewed toward that one person’s opinion.  It really pays to hear from a real estate agent that knows all the lakes.  That understands the pros and cons of each lake.  Having a lake real estate agent that will give you the information to make a smart decision.  That’s what my job is.

So here are some of my questions to you.  Do you get bored on a small lake?  Many people would love to live on a chain of lakes, but there is not a chain of lakes in West Bloomfield.  So your alternative is to look for some of the best lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan.  That way you have the room to zoom around in a power boat, or have room to sail.  Maybe for you it is all about being able to water ski, surf, or wake board without being on top of other boats.  Or maybe you want a longer pontoon ride… don’t want to be around the lake in fifteen minutes.   These may be all big concerns for you when buying a lake house in West Bloomfield.

Aerial view of Middle Straits Lake

I put these all sports lakes in order of size for your ease.  My goal here today is to give you a list of the best of  the large all sports lakes in West Bloomfield in Oakland County Michigan.  They are all beautiful lakes and have various sizes of waterfront homes.  You will see all ages, styles, elevations, and types of exteriors on the homes.  Below I have listed basic information about the 8 largest lakes in West Bloomfield.  Many home buyers love West Bloomfield homes because the township is centrally located, has good schools, shopping, low crime, and prestige.  If you have questions and looking for your dream lake home give me a call at (248) 310-6239.

1.) Cass Lake homes for sale in West Bloomfield

Cass Lake in Oakland County’s largest lake  at 1280 acres.  There is a state park on the lake.  You will find many luxury estate homes on the lake.  The lake lies in Waterford, Keego Harbor, and West Bloomfield.

Aerial view of Cass Lake in Oakland County MI

      • Cass Lake size                       1280 acres
      • All sports lake                        Yes
      • Wake restrictions                   Yes in some areas 
      • Deepest spot                          123 ft deep
      • Average Depth                       26 feet
      • Approx size                           .3 mile wide X 1 mile long
      • Public access                         Yes through Dodge Park
      • No# of parking spots              over 80 at public access
      • Public Beach                          unknown ( if you know email me
      • Marina on lake                       Ye
      • Shoreline                                Approx. 25 miles
      • Named                                   After early Michigan Governor Lewis Cass
      • Water Source                         Orchard Lake drains into Cass Lake
      • Cities the lake lies in                          Waterford, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake
      • School district for the lake                  Waterford, West Bloomfield
      • Streets around the lake are                  paved , private
      • City water                                            well, community, municipal
      • City sewer                                           sewer sanitary, sewer at street
      • Canals on Lake                                    yes
      • Lots over an acre on lake                     yes
      • Water-ski course                                   n/a
      • Condominiums                                     yes

Cass Lake in West Bloomfield

2.) Lake homes Union Lake

Union Lake Road lies to the east of Union Lake Road and about 4 miles north of M-5 express way.  Union Lake is a public all sports lake.  It has a sand bar where many people gather to talk and hang out.  There is also a restaurant on the lake called Matter of Taste.

What a view of Union Lake in West Bloomfield MI

  • All sports lake                      Yes
  • Private                                 No
  • Size                                      465 acres
  • Maximum Depth                   110 feet
  • Public Access                       Yes Off Union Lake Road
  • Public Beach                        No
  • Wake restrictions                 Unknown
  • Water Source                      Unknown
  • Cities the lake lies in                        Commerce, West Blommfield
  • School district for the lake               Walled lake , waterford
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved
  • City water                                         Municipal, well
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  no
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   no
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   no
Union Lake West Bloomfield

Ice Fishing on Union Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

3.) Homes for sale on Pine Lake West Bloomfield

Pine Lake homes are not too far from Orchard Lake Rd.  Orchard Lake Road runs along one side of the lake.  You will find condos, and a good selection of luxury lake estate homes on this lake.

Pine Lake Oakland County Michigan

Pine Lake properties West Bloomfield

  • All sports lake                      Yes
  • Private                                  Yes
  • Size                                      395 acres
  • Maximum Depth                  90 feet
  • Public Access                       No
  • Public Beach                        No
  • Wake restrictions                 Unknown
  • Water Source                      Unknown
  • Cities the lake lies in                        West Bloomfield
  • School district for the lake               Bloomfield Hills
  • Streets around the lake are                Paved, 
  • City water                                          Well, municipal
  • City sewer                                         Septic, sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   yes

Another great view from a home on Pine Lake

4.) Upper Straits Lake Homes W Bloomfield

Upper Straits Lake is long lake that lies in both Orchard Lake and West Bloomfield.  You will find if you are shopping for lake homes that the prices per square foot will be higher than some of the surrounding lakes because of the prestige of the lake & the communities it lies in, good schools,  closeness to Telegraph & Orchard Lake Road, and because it is a private lake.

Homes for sale on Upper Straits Lake in West Bloomfield MI

  • All sports lake           Yes
  • Private Lake              Yes
  • Size                           323 Acres
  • Max Depth                96 ft
  • Public Access            No
  • Public beach              No
  • Wake restrictions      The speed limit is 55 mph though they prefer 40 mph.
  • Lake Association       Yes (see below) 
  • Water source             Spring fed and water runoff  
  • Cities the lake lies in                        West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, 
  • School district for the lake               West Bloomfield, Walled Lake
  • Streets around the lake are               Gravel, paved
  • City water                                         municipal,  well
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary, septic
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                 no
Upper Straits Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

Houses on Upper Straits Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

5.) Homes on Walnut Lake in Oakland County 

Walnut Lake is one of West Bloomfield more exclusive lakes.  You will probably find more luxury lake estates on this lake, Cass Lake, and Upper Straits lake than any other lake in the township.  Some of this custom built luxury homes sit on larger parcels.  Some up to 2 or 3 acres.

Walnut Lake homes West Bloomfield MI

  • All sports lake                      Yes
  • Private                                 Yes
  • Size                                      232 acres
  • Maximum Depth                  101 ft 
  • Public Access                       No
  • Public Beach                        Association beachs
  • Wake restrictions                 Unknown but there are some 
  • Water Source                      Unknown
  • High-speed boating and water skiing hours.
  • Cities the lake lies in                        West Bloomfield
  • School district for the lake               Birmingham Bloomfield hills
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved
  • City water                                         Municipal 
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   no

Everybody is enjoying the lake today

6.) Middle Straits Lake homes West Bloomfield

Why Middle Straits Lake?  Because it is not as expensive as some of the other West Bloomfield lakes yet it is still relatively close to freeways because it is not too far from M-5.  Upper Straits Lake and Union Lake homes usually have higher price per square foot than homes here.

Sunrise on Middle Straits Lake West Bloomfield MI

    • All sports lake                      Yes
    • Semi – Private                      Yes
    • Size                                    172 acres
    • Maximum Depth                   51 feet
    • Public Access                       Yes
    • Public Beach                        No
    • Wake restrictions                 Unknown
    • Lake Restrictions                  Unknown
    • Water Source                      Upper Straits Lake             


    Let’s go boating on Middle Straits Lake in West Bloomfield

    • Cities the lake lies in                       Commerce, West Bloomfield
    • School district for the lake               Walled lake
    • Streets around the lake are              Paved
    • City water                                       Well, municipal
    • City sewer                                       Sewer sanitary, septic
    • Canals on Lake                                yes
    • Lots over an acre on lake                 no
    • Water-ski course                             n/a
    • Condominiums                                no

This should give you a basic understanding of the eight big lakes in W Bloomfield.  There are many more lakes in West Bloomfield.  A large number of them are really just ponds.  If you just like the view of water and like the calming effect of water then you have a lot of options.  There are condos, cottages, and luxury estate homes to chose from.  I hope you enjoyed this article about the biggest and best lakes in W Bloomfield.  Sometimes buying a lake home in West Bloomfield can be very confusing.  Using a good lake real estate agent can take the stress and confusion about which lakes are the best.  So give me a call at 248-310-6239 or email me at    I will make your next move easier!  Russ Ravary your lakes area realtor  For more info on all the lakes in West Bloomfield visit any of my lake websites.

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

Best deals on West Bloomfield lake homes

If you have a job transfer and are Relocating to Michigan  you can visit my relocation site or click on one of the communities on the side to learn more about the area.   Maybe you would like a lake home in Oakland County?  Long Lake homes in Commerce could be an option for you.  Or maybe Williams Lake homes in Waterford MI may be good for you.    If you are not a boater or fishermen then the extra cost of a lake home may not be worth it.  You may not want the long drive if you work in Dearborn, downtown Detroit, or in Ann Arbor.  A home in Greenwood Oaks Sub in Novi MI may be a better option and less expensive for you.

Do you know What does owner occupant buyers mean – Northville homes for sale   My goal as your real estate agent is to help you find the best deal possible when buying a home or to help you sell your home at the highest price possible.  Bottom line is whether you are buying or selling I want you to keep as much money as possible in your pocket.  If you need a good realtor give me a call at (248) 310-6239








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Lake homes on all sports Upper Straits Lakes in West Bloomfield MI

Knowing what type of lakefront home and lake you are looking for is important when looking for your dream lake home.  That is why as a lake realtor I ask so many questions when I meet lake home buyers.  If I understand what you want to do on the lake, how much entertaining you are going to do, whether you have kids or grandkids is all important in determining which lake is right for you and your family.  I once had a client that had a 34′ boat.  I had to explain that there really was no lake in Oakland County that a 34′ boat be right on.  The lakes in OC are just too small.

If a more prestigious lake in West Bloomfield with bigger homes is what you are looking for then maybe this could be one of the lakes you should be looking at in W Bloomfield.  You may want a lake that there are going to be more luxury estate homes than old shoddy cottages.  A lake that you are going to find that the norm is nicer, well kept, updated homes rather than beat up junky homes.  Then Upper Straits Lake in W Bloomfield may be for you.  You are going to find luxurious custom built homes all over the lake.  There are a few CEO’s of companies, and a rock musician that live on the lake.  It is a great lake where the home owners take care of their properties.

Upper Straits Lake

Upper Straits Lake aerial view

One of the many beautiful estate style luxury lake homes – not for sale

It is still a lake with mixed bag home styles….. where there is no uniformity to homes.  You may have a 1500 square foot brick ranch home next to a 3000 square foot colonial.  There will be all types and styles of homes next to you.  It’s not going to be like a subdivision in Northville or Rochester.  Oakland County Lakes are not like subdivisions.  They are a mixed bag of homes. Different home styles, ages, sizes, exteriors side by side. Each home has it’s own character.

Another beautiful view of the lake

Private or public?  All sports lake or quiet electric motor lake?  Big or small?  Upper Straits Lake in Oakland County is a private all sports lake.  It is about 323 acres in size which is a decent sized lake for SE Michigan.  It is a glacial formed lake with the deepest spot of 98 feet.  Some of the lake lies in West Bloomfield, and some in Orchard Lake Village.  Most of the roads around the lake are paved though some are gravel.   The children on the school go to either Walled Lake schools, or West Bloomfield schools.  A large portion of Upper Straits Lake lies in Orchard Lake Village.  So the lake lies in both communities.

Let’s go boating

The lake lies in both Orchard Lake Village and in West Bloomfield Township.  It is about 1.7 miles in length, and the perimeter is 6.24 miles.  It is the headwaters for the Huron River System.  It is spring fed and fed from run off.  Private associations control 4 boat ramps.  There is one slalom ski course.  There is no central lake associations.  There are several large subdivisions with associations that cover their little area of the lake.  It is one of the big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield.  It is also one of the large private lakes in West Bloomfield.  That is why so many people love Upper Straits Lake.

Ready to catch a big bass

Another aerial view of the lake

There are going to be some wild variances in the characteristics of the lake homes because there are some very, very large custom built luxury estate homes on the lake.  Here are some of the characteristics of the homes on Upper Straits Lake in West Bloomfield

  • some are on wells and some are on municipal water (depends on where you live on the lake)
  • some homes are on septic and others are on sewers
  • number of bedrooms range from 1 to 6
  • 1-9 bathrooms
  • 0-5 car garages
  • built from 1920 to 2018
  • 850 square feet to over 9000+ square feet

Would you like this view this year

You will find homes that sit on small 40′ wide lots on the lake to homes that sit on several acres on the lake.  You are not going to find any home with acreage for a small price.  You are going to pay dearly for a large lot on Upper Straits Lake.  That is one of the biggest misconceptions of first time lake home buyers.  Lake homes have a large premium for being on a lake.  A regular 1980’s built 2500 square foot colonial in the suburbs may have a $250,000 to $300,000 price difference to a home on the lake.  If it is a premium all sports lake it could be double what a home is worth in a city sub.  Then if you have a large lot add in even more money.

Find your dream lake home this year

Finding a lake home is not always easy.  There are so many more variables when looking at lake homes.  Plus there is a significant price difference between a lake home and a home off the lake.  Feel free to reach out with any questions anytime.  If you would like to know what lake homes are for sale on Upper Straits Lake in West Bloomfield or on any lake in Oakland County give me a call, text, or email.  My cell is (248) 310-6239 or

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

Homes for sale on lakes in West Bloomfield MI

Here is a list of Northville rental homes if you are looking.  When buying a home sometimes the real estate lingo and mortgage lingo is confusing.  To save you a little trouble of learning a few new words.  If you are getting a mortgage here is what escrows mean.  When looking for a lake home you may want a lake that has more of a subdivision feel.  Hidden Lake in Green Oak Township is a beautiful planned community.  The lake was once a quarry that has been transformed into one of the prettiest lake communities along the 23 corridor.  You are not too far from Brighton or Ann Arbor when you life there.  Here is one more quick tip to SE Michigan foreclosure buyers

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Why schools systems matter when buying a home – Michigan relocation tips

Most of the time when I have Michigan relocation buyers schools systems are high on their priority if they have children.  Smart Michigan transferees check out the local schools systems before they start or they cross check what schools their children will go to when they look at specific homes.  How are the schools for 123 Main street in Canton, or 32934 Bobrich in Livonia?  That is what they check out.

Excellent teachers make West Bloomfield schools so good

When choosing a new Metro Detroit home, there are usually several items on the transferees list of wants and priorities, but when children are involved, school systems often top that list.  People are often going to chose the best value in a home.  School systems and schools become part of the value.  If they can find the same home at near the same price for a good school they are going to opt for that home if all other factors are similar.  Are they willing to pay more and sacrifice other desires to make sure they are in the best school district for their children?  I do not believe that, at least in most cases.   Some metro Detroit relocation buyers just can’t afford to pay more, they are limited by their budget.  So looking in a less prestigious city with good schools is an alternative.  I don’t believe schools are absolutely the top priority.  What I mean by that is: Will they give up what they want in a home to get what the best school system?  Usually the house and what it has in it is the most important criteria for the home buyer so long as it is in a good school district.   The best school district will not over ride the best home. (Usually)

Private schools may be a feasible alternative for some, but that is not the case for many.   The added costs of private schools is sometimes out of reach for their budget.  Even if buyers don’t have children (or plan to have them), they may want to buy in where the schools have the best state scores and graduation rates because the return on their home investment should be better.  If they are going to pay $5000 or $10,000 for a private school for their child they could buy a home that has a mortgage payment of $400 or $800 more a month.  They could buy a bigger house instead of paying public school fees.

Be sure to check which middle school the house is in

Consider the student-to-teacher ratios, the graduation rate, the ratio of kids going to college, and standardized test scores when looking at school systems.  Check out the rankings on line.  Consider all these facts together.  I don’t believe the age of the schools, or their physical condition have any correlation on whether a school is good or not.  Remember a good school district might protect you from the real estate market’s ups and downs.  Though it may cost more to buy near a good school, it will be good for resale value.

Here are some of the online sources you can use

  • Neighborhoodscout.comThe sites above are free or all you have to do is google “compare schools” or “best schools” or “top schools” or “top ranked schools” to find more information.  There are lots of other ways to find information beyond websites, too. For example,  Check out Michigan’s meap scores.  Also the Department of Education has a great 52-page booklet called “Choosing a School for Your Child” that can be downloaded from either the U.S Department of Education  or ordered from the Government Printing Office.

Here is one fact I heard from a girl I once dated.  In our area Waterford schools are not highly rated.  But she made the argument that one of the kids down the street went to an top ranked college and her son went to a good college.  So it’s important to remember that a poorly ranked school district does not automatically mean that the overall quality of local education in an area is poor.  It boils down to parental involvement and what you push your child to do.  Yes environment does have a factor in school.  If your children go to a school where everybody basically goes on to college then your child is programmed in that college is part of the program.  Whereas if it is a sub par school then the attitude of many of the kids is going to work, not going to college.  Sometimes it is about the environment and that is why good schools are important when you have kids and are buying a home.

When you buy a home in Metro Detroit good school system homes usually have higher prices and bigger demand.  If you are moving to Michigan Give me a call I know our local communities and will be glad to point out the good and bad of the homes.  My cell is (248) 310-6239.  I will help make your Michigan relocation easier.  Plus you get a great home buyer bonus too!

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers


Plymouth homes for sale


Are you Getting ready to sell your Novi Condominium? It’s a great time to sell with such low inventory.  There are still home buyers out there looking for homes even in December.  I am a very positive person so here is my article on May today be one of the best days of the week.  Sometimes life over whelms us so I hope this is a pick me up for you.  Explanation of what sellers concessions mean? Canton homes for sale Michigan.  Both Canton and Livonia are good safe cities if you are looking to relocate to Michigan.  Both communities have solid  school systems where the teachers work hard to help the students excel.  Then if you add in the city services like full time police and firemen you have a place you can call home.  Here is more information about Livonia MI demographics – Livonia homes for sale.  Real estate has it’s ups and downs.  Well it’s been a bad day in the Southfield real estate market.  It’s probably no different than your business.  Some days it is rough out there.  But we work hard to solve the issues and get the home to the closing table.















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Metro Detroit foreclosures over $300,000

Here is a list of foreclosed homes in Southeastern Michigan home.  This list is of foreclosures over $300,000.  Many times some of these foreclosure listings are no bargain.  Just because it says it is a foreclosure does not mean it is a deal or bargain.  You have to look at other homes in the area in the same price range.  You have to look at the sold comparables.  The banks have hired real estate agents that know what the prices are for the area.  Of course the banks want the most money for that foreclosed home possible.  They want to recoup as much money as possible on their investment.  So they have the local real estate agent set the list price for as much as they can get.  So for you the home buyer you may be able to find a better home deal out there.

None of these homes below are lake homes in Oakland County but there are some nice homes below.


42926 IAN COURT, CLINTON TWP 48038 Price: $304,900
MLS#: 58031361404 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $3,619
County: Macomb Stat Dt: 09/28/18 Winter Tx: $4,436
School Dist: Chippewa Valley Beds:
4 Baths: 4.0
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: NORTH BRANCH VALLEY #06 Sqft Abv: 3,923 Yr Built: 1993
MLS Area: 03111 – Clinton Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating:
Acreage: 0.38 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 80X141
Office: RE/MAX First



2714 PINE SHADOW Court, Hamburg Twp 48169 Price: $319,900
MLS#: 218102413 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $1,545
County: Livingston Stat Dt: 10/19/18 Winter Tx: $2,871
School Dist: Pinckney Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $548/ANN
SubDiv: THE WOODLANDS CONDO Sqft Abv: 2,265 Yr Built: 2015
MLS Area: 01151 – Hamburg Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 1 1/2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Other Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 112x213x163x220
Office: McGuirk Realty Inc
This Beautiful Craftsman style home sets on a nice lot in scenic Woodlands Subdivision , Built in 2015 comes complete with 4 bedrooms , 2.5 Baths, 1st Floor Laundry , Full walkout Basement with 9′ walls , 2 car attached garage , Main level walls are 9′ , Hardwood floors throughout Foyer, 1/2 Bath, Kitchen with Granite tops , Breakfast nook and Living room which has a Gas fireplace , 7×6 Computer work area upstairs, Ceramic Bath Master has whirlpool Tub and walk-in closet , a must see home . “This property may qualify for sellers financing “
Recent: 11/22/2018 : DOWN : <spantitle=$329,900-&gt$319,900>$329,900->$319,900</spantitle=$329,900-&gt$319,900>



68242 LAKE ANGELA POINTE, Richmond 48062 Price: $324,900
MLS#: 218067901 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $5,305
County: Macomb Stat Dt: 07/20/18 Winter Tx: $
School Dist: Richmond Beds:
4 Baths: 3.2
Assoc Fee: $360/ANN
SubDiv: LAKE ANGELA ESTATES CONDO Sqft Abv: 2,650 Yr Built: 2005
MLS Area: 03032 – Richmond Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Community
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Septic-Existing
Water Fac: Lake/River Priv
Lot Dimen: 128×149
Office: Preferred Realty Pros
Great opportunity on this 4 bedroom brick colonial in Lake Angela Estates subdivision. Home has had many updates including, flooring, paint, bathrooms, appliances and much more! Home features an open floor plan, living room with fireplace, large master suite, 3 car attached side entry garage and a full finished basement. Offers responded to within 24 to 48 hours.



38719 YALE Court, Farmington Hills 48335 Price: $339,900
MLS#: 218099948 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $5,242
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 10/11/18 Winter Tx: $1,208
School Dist: Farmington Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $75/ANN
SubDiv: MEADOWBROOK PARK SUB NO 1 Sqft Abv: 2,696 Yr Built: 1987
MLS Area: 02231 – Farmington Hills Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0.29 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 79x138x82x156x59
Office: Century 21 Town & Country-Northville
Northville mailing. This spacious 4 bedroom 2.5 bath Colonial is located on a quiet cul-de-sac in the always popular Meadowbrook Park Sub. Open floor plan, 1st floor laundry, huge family room w/fireplace and 1st floor den. Island kitchen w/hardwood floors, breakfast nook and formal dining room too. Finished basement with rec-room, bar area and tons of storage. Plenty of parking for family and friends to enjoy the large lot and deck with Gazebo. This is a bank owned home, sold As-Is, BATVAI. LICENSED AGENT MUST BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT AT ALL SHOWINGS- NO VIRTUAL SHOWINGS ALLOWED.



15811 KINGSWAY DR, MACOMB TWP 48044 Price: $349,000
MLS#: 58031350525 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $1,323
County: Macomb Stat Dt: 06/13/18 Winter Tx: $6,536
School Dist: Chippewa Valley Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $200/ANN
SubDiv: WESTMINSTER SUB#2 Sqft Abv: 2,599 Yr Built: 2006
MLS Area: 03081 – Macomb Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story, Split Level Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0.3 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 97X135
Office: RE/MAX First
Recent: 11/19/2018 : DOWN : <spantitle=$359,500-&gt$349,000>$359,500->$349,000</spantitle=$359,500-&gt$349,000>



11177 FOWLERVILLE Road, Conway Twp 48836 Price: $349,900
MLS#: 218043659 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $1,261
County: Livingston Stat Dt: 08/20/18 Winter Tx: $1,617
School Dist: Fowlerville Beds:
3 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: Sqft Abv: 2,200 Yr Built: 1997
MLS Area: 01011 – Conway Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Modular Home Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 17.28 Sewer: Septic-Existing
Water Fac: Pond
Lot Dimen: 671 x 1117 x 669 x 1133
Office: Keller Williams First Grand Blanc
Country living at its best in this updated two story home on 17.28 acres. This property has a nice pond with wildlife and a 32 x 24 pole barn. This gorgeous home offers an open floor plan and is remodeled to perfection. The updated kitchen includes new granite countertops, sink and light fixtures. Brand New Whirlpool Refrigerator, Dishwasher, GE Washer and GE Dryer. New Gas Stove. The master bath has a large walk in shower encased in ceramic tile and sporting dual, independently controlled, rainfall shower heads. The entire living area is freshly painted with new flooring throughout. All new bathroom fixtures and porcelain countertops enhance the interior upgrades. The finished basement has two carpeted rooms, a large storage room, and a large work room. A brand new paver walkway leads to the huge covered porch. The garage has two brand new electric openers. BATVAI. Licensed agent present during all showings. Commission based on net sales price.



32998 BROOKSIDE Court, Livonia 48152 Price: $361,000
MLS#: 218097998 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $3,349
County: Wayne Stat Dt: 10/05/18 Winter Tx: $2,717
School Dist: Livonia Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $110/MTH
SubDiv: WAYNE COUNTY CONDO SUB PLAN NO 749 Sqft Abv: 2,620 Yr Built: 2005
MLS Area: 05021 – Livonia Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial, Contemporary Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 55×125
Office: Encore Realty
Occupied property, inspections not available – sold as-is. No for sale sign. Contact with occupants is prohibited.



3588 HIGH GROVE Way, Orion Twp 48360 Price: $409,000
MLS#: 218075068 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $3,621
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 08/06/18 Winter Tx: $2,368
School Dist: Lake Orion Beds:
4 Baths: 3.1
Assoc Fee: $180/QTR
SubDiv: MILL CREEK VILLAGE CONDO Sqft Abv: 2,979 Yr Built: 2003
MLS Area: 02091 – Orion Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 118x134x151x146
Office: Millennium Prop & Mgt Co LLC
Move in ready brick colonial which features all the space you need and then some! From the front door you enter into a grand two story entry way with a beautiful wrapping staircase! To the right of the entry you’ll find the formal dining room and to the left you’ll find the formal living room. Down the hallway there is a half bath for guests and leading to the two story family room with tons of natural light! The eat in kitchen features a doorwall leading to your rear deck! The kitchen is spacious with a center island giving you tons of counter space and large pantry! This is a Fannie Mae HomePath Property. The seller has directed that all offers on this listing be made using the HomePath Online Offer system at the HomePath website. Buyers, complete the HomePath Ready buyer homeownership course on homepath. Attach certificate to offer and request up to 3% closing cost assistance. Check HomePath for more details or ask me. Restrictions apply.
Recent: 11/23/2018 : DOWN : <spantitle=$419,900-&gt$409,000>$419,900->$409,000</spantitle=$419,900-&gt$409,000>



9088 Countrywood Drive, Plymouth Twp 48170 Price: $414,900
MLS#: 218114773 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $3,697
County: Wayne Stat Dt: 11/30/18 Winter Tx: $1,277
School Dist: Plymouth Canton Beds:
3 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $200/ANN
SubDiv: RIDGEWOOD WEST SUB NO 2 Sqft Abv: 2,670 Yr Built: 1995
MLS Area: 05012 – Plymouth Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 1 1/2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Cape Cod Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0.31 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 90.00X149.00
Office: Keller Williams Advantage
Welcome home to this beautiful 2 story cape cod with award winning Plymouth-Canton schools! This home offers a great room with soaring cathedral ceilings, walk- In Pantry with island kitchen, first floor laundry, mostly finished basement, enormous deck, large first floor mstr bedroom with huge mstr bath, 3 car attached garage. Lots of walk in closets. 3 BDRM, 2.5 Bath. Study could be 4th bedroom if needed. Minutes from shopping & expressways. Offers must be submitted through Auction com.
Recent: 11/30/2018 : New : ->ACTV



1640 S HICKORY RIDGE Trail, Milford Twp 48380 Price: $445,000
MLS#: 218083565 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $4,608
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 10/16/18 Winter Tx: $1,930
School Dist: Huron Valley Beds:
3 Baths: 3.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: Sqft Abv: 4,527 Yr Built: 1990
MLS Area: 02161 – Milford Twp Grg Size: 3 Car, 6 or More Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 4.47 Sewer: Septic-Existing
Water Fac: Pond
Lot Dimen: 260X783
Office: Real Estate One-WB/FH
Recent: 11/29/2018 : DOWN : <spantitle=$459,900-&gt$445,000>$459,900->$445,000</spantitle=$459,900-&gt$445,000>



44927 LINDBERGH, Novi 48377 Price: $454,900
MLS#: 218102235 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $5,066
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 10/18/18 Winter Tx: $196
School Dist: Walled Lake Beds:
4 Baths: 3.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: SUMMERLIN OF NOVI OCCPN 1460 Sqft Abv: 3,064 Yr Built: 2004
MLS Area: 02223 – Novi Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Sewer at Street
Lot Dimen: 99X99X99
Office: RE/MAX Leading Edge



27147 WINCHESTER Court, Farmington Hills 48331 Price: $465,900
MLS#: 218102700 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $6,669
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 11/09/18 Winter Tx: $1,556
School Dist: Farmington Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $110/MTH
SubDiv: OXFORD ESTATES CONDO OCCPN 674 Sqft Abv: 3,699 Yr Built: 1991
MLS Area: 02231 – Farmington Hills Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 98X147
Office: Millennium Prop & Mgt Co LLC
This home has all the space you need plus some!! This colonial style home features 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms! The basement is huge and is mostly finished. The basement has an additional bathroom, kitchen area and is a walk out basement! There is a den/library is on the first floor as well as the laundry room! The master bedroom features a huge bathroom and WIC. This home is finished off with a 3 car garage! This property has been placed in an upcoming online event. All bids should be submitted at XOME website. All properties are subject to a 5% buyer’s premium, and bidding is pursuant to the Auction Participation Agreement and Terms & conditions (minimums will apply). Please contact listing agent for commission and property details.” Online bidding begins 12/01/18- 12/03/18, see website for more details. Any post-auction offers will need to be submitted directly to the listing agent. All offers will be reviewed and responded to within 3 business days.



751 MALENA Drive, Ann Arbor 48103 Price: $469,500
MLS#: 218098725 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $2,239
County: Washtenaw Stat Dt: 11/19/18 Winter Tx: $5,055
School Dist: Dexter Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: SCIO COUNTRY ESTATES Sqft Abv: 3,280 Yr Built: 1993
MLS Area: 04081 – Scio Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 1 Story Water: 3rd Party Unknown
Style:  Ranch Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 3.1 Sewer: 3rd Party Unknown
Lot Dimen: 245X689X138X835
Enjoy gatherings in the generously-sized single family home, this home should be on your “must see list”. Features comfortably 4 sized bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, carpeted flooring, fireplace, a patio and a deck, in-ground pool, ample cabinet/kitchen space, shed for additional storage, full basement and a detached and an attached garage. See that some improvements may have been started, either way you can customize this home to meet your every need. This one is worth taking visit. Contact a local agent now for your viewing schedule.
Recent: 11/19/2018 : Back On Market : CWTH->ACTV



5475 JENDEAN Lane, Oakland Twp 48306 Price: $599,900
MLS#: 218096558 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $6,631
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 11/28/18 Winter Tx: $3,517
School Dist: Rochester Beds:
4 Baths: 4.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: Sqft Abv: 4,218 Yr Built: 1996
MLS Area: 02101 – Oakland Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 1 1/2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air, Zoned
Acreage: 10.01 Sewer: Septic-Existing
Water Fac: Pond
Lot Dimen: Irregular
Office: KW Metro
This beautiful 4 bed 4.1 bath home with over 4200 sqft offers 10 acres of land with pond, circular drive, first floor master suite with bath, vaulted ceilings, great room, multiple fireplaces, 3 car garage, indoor pool,bay windows, skylights, library,butlers pantry and more.
Recent: 11/28/2018 : Back On Market : PEND->ACTV



3773 NUTCRACKER Court, Addison Twp 48370 Price: $614,900
MLS#: 218104562 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $5,765
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 11/20/18 Winter Tx: $2,159
School Dist: Lake Orion Beds:
4 Baths: 4.0
Assoc Fee: $125/ANN
SubDiv: HARMONY HILLS Sqft Abv: 5,648 Yr Built: 2001
MLS Area: 02051 – Addison Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: 3rd Party Unknown
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 2.09 Sewer: 3rd Party Unknown
Lot Dimen: 96x176x176x325x348
let this home be for you in sought after Oakland county. Significant for storage and floor plan that can contain the wildest imagination for your renovation. This one is worth taking visit. Contact a local agent now for your viewing schedule.
Recent: 11/20/2018 : Back On Market : CWTH->ACTV



4555 CHEROKEE Lane, Bloomfield Twp 48301 Price: $825,000
MLS#: 218079817 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $16,054
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 08/17/18 Winter Tx: $15,712
School Dist: Bloomfield Hills Beds:
5 Baths: 6.0
Assoc Fee: $250/ANN
SubDiv: SLY FARMS NO 1 Sqft Abv: 6,428 Yr Built: 1951
MLS Area: 02193 – Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 1 1/2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial, Contemporary Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 1.55 Sewer: Septic-Existing
Lot Dimen: 279x246x419x198
Office: Benjamin Management Group, Inc
Located on a large, treed lot on a quiet cul-de-sac, with award winning Bloomfield Hills schools. Large gourmet kitchen, ample dining room and large living room with mid century natural fireplace. Quaint eating area with french doors that lead out to private patio. Entry level also offers billiard room with doorwall out to back yard, wood paneled library with floor to ceiling built ins, family room with parquet flooring, laundry room, and full size indoor basketball court. Master suite has cathedral ceilings, two walk in closets, dressing area, separate shower and jetted tub. Walk out lower level has second kitchen, full bath, exercise/sauna room, theater room, a great room with a dance floor, and plenty of storage for hobbies or arts and crafts. Brick paver patios are perfect for entertaining or relaxing in the evenings. Basketball court would also be great as a recreation room for a large party or get together. NO ACCESS to deck on side of house.

Whether you are looking for a home in Farmington, a Condo in Birmingham, or a lake house in West Bloomfield I can help.  I know our local comunities, the prices and what to look for in a home deal.  I guarantee that I will work hard  to find you the best deal possible out there.

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers


So give me a call today to find a deal in Metro Detroit.  My cell is (248) 310-6239

Wayne County foreclosed home

Here are some great Michigan Detroit Home selling tips.  Have you heard of Plymouth’s Greystone subdivision ( Mi).  It’s a very nice subdivision not too far from downtown Plymouth.  If you don’t know and are new to the area Plymouth has a historic and lively downtown area full of boutique stores, restaurants, and bars.  Plymouth is a great place to live.

Here is How buying a SE Michigan foreclosure may cost you money.  Being a smart home buyer can save you money.  Michigan Jumbo  rates are higher in most cases than a regular loan.  Loan limits for regular loans just went up so you may not need a jumbo mortgage anymore.  Are you thinking of buying a lake home.  Then check out lakefront homes for sale on Orchard Lake MI.  They are going to be more expensive lake homes but it is a beautiful lake.


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Top real estate agents in West Bloomfield Michigan

Ready to go swimming

So how do you tell a good West Bloomfield real estate agent from a bad one.  Sometimes it’s about the ethics and beliefs of a West Bloomfield realtor that differentiate one agent from another.  Yes there are some real estate agents out there that all they care about is making a sale.  It’s not really about helping you find a home that you want if it is going to take more time and energy on their part.  Have you ever heard a West Bloomfield agent tell you that I have set up 5 homes for you.  If  you don’t buy one of these I haven’t done my job.  They are already pressuring you to buy one of the five that they picked out.  Yes sometimes it takes seeing more than 5 houses to find the home of your dreams.  It’s not about making a sale quickly.  It’s not about failing to do my job and not sending your comps so you know what other homes in the area sold for.  It’s not putting sales skills to work to influence you to buy a home you don’t really want.

Being a top real estate agent in West Bloomfield is about helping you achieve your goals.  Let me share a recent story with you.  Recently one of my home buying couples were looking for a lake access home in West Bloomfield and in Oakland County.  We saw a beautifully decorated condo in West Bloomfield.  It was top of the line It was gorgeous and as you know staging and decor does sell a home.  It sways the buyers emotions.  My clients loved the condo. During the showing the listing agent showed up and talked extremely loudly to the seller saying they had offers coming in so my clients could hear.

To preface the situation Metro Detroit real estate prices have skyrocketed in the last 6 years.   We have had a good real estate market with rising prices for 8 years.  We are still steadily going up with home prices.  We still have low inventory but at some point we are going to have a correction.  Will it be next year, or in five years nobody knows.  Will it be the Detroit economy that ends this real estate bull market, or will it be the tariffs, a stock market downturn, or the some of the government’s policies that will cause the real estate market to take a downturn?  Nobody knows when or what will trigger the downturn.  It is the smart buyer that does not over buy or over pay for a home when we are near the top of the market.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a West Bloomfield Lake home or a Livonia home for sale.

Get something extra when you buy a home with Russ

A home buyer could end up upside down in their home.  They could end up owning more money than the house is worth if they over pay now.  If they get divorced, have a job transfer, or lose a job the buyer could end up in trouble.

So going back to our scenario it was a $300,000 to $400,000 condo.  It was a very small condominium complex.  A one street complex.  With no sales in the last year.  I sent my clients the comps for the area.  There was no condo with a sold price even close to the comps.  Even at the same square footage in West Bloomfield there was no condo that came close in price.  So my client’s looked at the comps and decided to put in an offer $30,000 below list price.  The listing agent and sellers did not counter and just declined the offer.  The house did not go pending and they did not accept an offer.  A week later we raised our offer to full price but put in a contingency that the house must appraise for value.  Again no counter, no communication from the agent.  Just a rejection.  The house went pending about 3 days later.  I told the agent it wasn’t worth the price.

My clients were fine with it.  They had made their decision.  They were disappointed that they lost it, but they knew it was over priced and that the decorating had a lot to do with it.  They want to move again in 3 years and are worried about over paying.

It was quite a surprise to get this email from the listing agent ON THANKSGIVING DAY.  Now this agent is a new agent that has a total of two sales.

I believe you owe your purchasers an apology for over promising and under delivering. The home appraised for over the $340,000 asking price. I hope we can now move on and respect each other’s intelligence and integrity.

To this two sale newbie agent it was all about selling a home and getting a home sold.  Yes this agent only listed and sold two houses in the last two years. He hasn’t matured enough to realize that it has to make sense to the buyer.  Just because a seller puts a price they think is fair, it may not be right or smart for the buyer.

 I had to email him “My clients are planning on moving in 3 years.  Even if it appraised it is over valued at $340,000 it is  and was a horrible move for them.  So you have to understand the whole picture before you make a judgement.  It was the highest price condo in the city so I can rest peacefully that I had the integrity to tell them that is over priced.  Every day there are dumb buyers over paying.  Just because it appraised doesn’t mean anything.  It’s the integrity of a good realtor that doesn’t worry about making a sale with a buyer.  It’s about protecting them.  Especially when we are going to have a down turn.   Whether it appraised or not doesn’t make it a good deal.”

 To me it’s not about selling a home.  Yes, some agents will disagree with me.  They would have just sold the house.  My standards are different than those few agents that would sell no matter what.  I want my clients to be informed especially when they have a specific time frame for moving. I want them to look at the comps.  I want them to have an understanding of the trends in our local market.  No they don’t have to be an expert.  Just the basics to make a smart financial decision. 

I help a lot of people moving to Michigan for a job.  Many of these relocation buyers will move again quickly.  It is important that they buy smart.  My relocation buyers come back to me when they move again because I look out for them.

I am going to put clauses and contingencies in the purchase agreement to protect my buyer.  Whether the selling agent or seller likes them or not I do not care.  l have to explain the downside or upside to my client.  If it is a hot market and my client is willing to take the risk without a contingency then it up to them.  So long as I have taken the time to explain what could happen, and how it could affect them as buyers.  That’s the key.  Sometimes real estate is confusing.  I don’t want you to lose money if possible.  I can’t guarantee that but I will give you the info you need to make good decisions when buying a home.

After all it’s not about making a sale, it’s about helping a home buyer achieve their goals without losing their shirt.  At least that is what I think a good West Bloomfield real estate agent should do.

                                                                 Russ Ravary

Top West Bloomfield real estate agents

A Good realtor doesn’t care about making a sale or to just sell a home.  It’s about providing the information to the buyer so they can make a sound financial decision for their situation.  Once we provide the information if they chose to way over pay I am not going to fight or say anything to them.  It is their decision and right to buy what they want.  I have clients do it quite often, but I can sleep soundly at night knowing a gave them a true picture of the market and the comps in the area.  After all it’s going to be your house and the bottom line is


West Bloomfield homes for sale

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