Best School Systems in Michigan

What are the best school systems in Michigan?

First of all this article is going to concentrate on the top school districts around the Detroit area that includes Wayne County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Macomb County, and Washtenaw County.  If you are moving to Michigan you may not know that these are the five major areas around metro Detroit.   Metro Detroit is a great place to live.  There are so many great things about the Detroit area that you may not know about.  So let’s begin by talking about the top schools and school districts in the suburbs of Detroit and in the South Eastern Michigan.   Each year in the spring students are tested by the state.  I believe it is called M STEP….it used to be called the MEAP.  It is standardized testing for all the students.  You can look up more information about it at,4615,7-140-22709—,00.html

Move to Michigan and light up your life

First I want to say that many of the rankings that you see on the internet are going to be different especially from year to year.    Some of the rankings are subjective and most of them have their own ranking systems.  So how do you figure out which schools will be the best for your children?  Which community and school district will be the best fit for your children may be some of the questions.  Below I have listed three different rankings by different websites from different years.  What you have to take out of this article is if the school system you are looking at is in one or more of these top of schools around metro Detroit.

When you are moving to the South East Michigan area and have school age children finding the best schools in Michigan is going to one of the top factors in choosing a community for you.  I am going to give you a list of some of the top schools systems in SE Michigan.  If you do not know this you will want to remember this as you look for homes in South eastern Michigan.  Many cities have multiple school systems that serve the city.  If you find a school system that you like it may encompass several cities.  You may love a particular city and a particular schools system, but the home you choose in the city may actually fall into a different schools system.  So do your research and double check with your Michigan relocation real estate agent to make sure the home you have chosen falls into the school system that you want.

Here is a list of some of the top ranked school systems in Michigan according to  This is how came to rank these schools.

Factor Description Weight
Academics Grade Based on state assessment proficiency, SAT/ACT scores, and survey responses on academics from students and parents. 50.0%
Teachers Grade Based on teacher salary, teacher absenteeism, state test results, and survey responses on teachers from students and parents. 15.0%
Culture & Diversity Grade Based on racial and economic diversity and survey responses on school culture and diversity from students and parents. 10.0%
Parent/Student Surveys on Overall Experience Niche survey responses scored on a 1-5 scale regarding the overall experience of students and parents in the district. 10.0%
Health & Safety Grade Based on chronic student absenteeism, suspensions/expulsions, and survey responses on the school environment from students and parents. 5.0%
Resources & Facilities Grade Based on expenses per student, staffing, and survey responses on facilities from students and parents. 5.0%
Clubs & Activities Grade Based on expenses per student and survey responses on clubs and activities from students and parents. 2.5%
Sports Grade Based on the number of sports, participation, and survey responses on athletics and athletic facilities from students and parents. 2.5


Young children working together on a laptop, trying to solve programming question with their teacher

One caveat that I have to say is that these are three different website’s rankings.  I myself would rank some other school districts in here. I would also rank some of them differently.  You should use these lists as just one of the ways to rank school districts in the suburbs of Detroit.  It is not an absolute list.

I have to tell you a story that impacted me.  I once dated a women that used to get mad at me when I would mention that my real estate clients thought Waterford Schools were a bad school district based on website rankings.  Her comment back to me has stuck with me and makes sense.  She said “It also boils down to parental involvement.  My son and many others from Waterford schools went on to college, graduated, and have good jobs.  In fact one kid down the street went to University of Michigan which is the top ranked University in Michigan.  You have to have a very high grade point and good ACT/SAT scores to get in.  Yet he went to Waterford schools.”  She was right in some aspects.  If you are involved and push your kids to do well in school then many times it’s not just about the school district.

Most of the schools systems in Metro Detroit are good.  Yes there are some bad schools systems or low ranked school systems that you want to avoid but we will get into that later.

One highly rated school

I am only going to include the top school districts in South eastern Michigan on how they ranked.

  1. Bloomfield Hills Schools              Oakland County
  2. Troy Schools                                  Oakland County
  3. Birmingham Schools                   Oakland County
  4. Grosse Pointe Schools                 Wayne County
  5. Novi Schools                                  Oakland County
  6. Saline Schools                              Washtenaw County
  7. Northville Schools                       Wayne Count
  8. Rochester Schools                       Oakland County
  9. Ann Arbor Schools                       Washtenaw County
  10. Oakland Schools                          Oakland County
  11. Berkley Schools                           Oakland County
  12. Brighton Schools                          Livingston County
  13. Grosse Ilse Schools                     Wayne County
  14. Walled Lake Schools                   Oakland County
  15. Plymouth – Canton Schools       Wayne County
  16. Dexter Schools                             Washtenaw County
  17. Lake Orion Schools                      Oakland County
  18. West Bloomfield Schools            Oakland County
  19. Hartland Schools                          Livingston County
  20. Trenton Schools                           Wayne County
  21. Fraser Schools                              Oakland County
  22. Livonia Schools                            Wayne County
  23. Utica Schools                                Macomb County
  24. Farmington Schools                     Oakland County
  25. Clarkston Schools                         Oakland County


Robotics class

Here is a third list from background checks

Top School Districts in Michigan, 2018

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Buying a home with asbestos

Should you buy a home that has asbestos issues?   The key is your comfort level after you read about asbestos.  I would research it on line before you buy.  It is not something you should mess with by yourself.  It should always be remediated by professionals in my opinion.  Sure it is much cheaper to do it yourself, but your first course of action is to have the seller pay for it if you are buying the home.  You should not pay for it if you are buying the house unless you are getting the house dirt cheap.  Yesterday I went into Redford home  and for the first time in 9 years I saw an old furnace.  It was the type of 1950’s furnace that had individual heat ducts running out of it.  I nickname this an elephant furnace.  Wrapped around the ducts is the old asbestos insulation.  This home had about 90 feet of this asbestos duct work.  It is all about getting it removed safely without releasing the asbestos fibers into the air.

Asbestos on furnace ducts

All the white is asbestos insulation. I call this an elephant furnace as there are many trunks to the furnace.  Here is some basic information on asbestos.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance that can be pulled into a fluffy consistency. Asbestos fibers are soft and flexible yet resistant to heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. Pure asbestos is an effective insulator, and it can also be mixed into cloth, paper, cement, plastic and other materials to make them stronger. These qualities once made asbestos very profitable for business, but unfortunately, they also make asbestos highly toxic.  It does not matter whether is an all sports lake houses in Oakland County or any house for sale in Metro Detroit asbestos is not something to fool with.

Asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases since at least the 1920s, though that didn’t slow down use of the mineral. From the 1930s through the late 1970s, asbestos use skyrocketed throughout the United States and the world, putting millions of people at risk of exposure. Throughout this same time period, the connection between asbestos exposure and cancer risk became more clear, as more reports of mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases flooded in. Any amount of asbestos exposure, even limited, is considered dangerous and can later lead to a mesothelioma diagnosis. When inhaled or ingested, the microscopic asbestos fibers work their way into the lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart. Over a period of 10 to upwards of 50 years, the fibers can cause inflammation and scarring, which can eventually develop into mesothelioma tumors or other related conditions.

Because asbestos is cancer causing you have to have the furnace removed by a remediation company.  Those ducts have to be taken to a hazardous waste site. They have to be disposed of properly. Then you have to install a new furnace.  But there is one more cost that you have to think about.  You have to run new duct work for the new furnace.  Most likely the old 1950’s furnace did not have a air conditioner hooked up.  So there is another cost.

Here is a costly furnace replacement.  This picture is turned sideways.

You can’t be stupid and try to remove the ducts yourself.  You can’t just dump those ducts anywhere.  You would be endangering anybody that would come into contact with the old ducts.  I have heard of people doing that but it is dangerous not only to the people removing them but to where ever they end up if they are not properly disposed of.

Asbestos is well recognized as a health hazard and its use is now highly regulated by both OSHA and EPA. Asbestos fibers associated with these health risks are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Breathing asbestos fibers can cause a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs called asbestosis and result in loss of lung function that often progresses to disability and death. Asbestos also causes cancer of the lung and other diseases such as mesothelioma of the pleura which is a fatal malignant tumor of the membrane lining the cavity of the lung or stomach.

There is no “safe” level of asbestos exposure for any type of asbestos fiber. Asbestos exposures as short in duration as a few days have caused mesothelioma in humans. Every occupational exposure to asbestos can cause injury of disease; every occupational exposure to asbestos contributes to the risk of getting an asbestos related disease.

If you are looking at a home with asbestos insulation you can get it re-mediated where it is safe to live it.  It may be costly and you want the seller to pay for it if you can.  If you need a real estate agent that will look out for you and help point out issues if I notice them……call me at (248) 310-6239.  I work hard for my clients and try to protect them every way I can.

Get something extra when you buy a home with Russ

Remember I have two great home buyer programs

Michigan home town heroes program that is open to police, &  fire, first responders, medical staff, veterans, active duty military, city, and government workers.  Or if you do not work in those occupations I still give a great home buyer bonus to my other buyers.  You cannot get both bonuses.  Only one or the other but either is a big bonus over a small gift basket that some other agents give.

Green Lake waterfront homes for sale in West Bloomfield Michigan is one way of buying on a lake but without all the noise of loud motor boats or jet skis.  Green lake is a electric motor only lake that is very peaceful and quiet.  Plymouth home buying tips for first time home buyers…..lots of great information on whether you are truly ready to buy and what to look out for when buying a home .  I feel that my clients should know that I am looking out for them.  I am not a home inspector, but if I see something that raises a red flag I let my clients know.  Here are some Top Home Selling Tips for Metro Detroit Homes.

Homes for sale in Redford

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March SE Michigan real estate update 2019

Here is what is happening in the metro Detroit area real estate.  Last fall starting in September and running through February of this year we have flat lined in the real estate business.  Not as many calls, not as many listings, and not as many closed sales.  Many people in and outside the industry are spinning it many different ways.  Some economists and even some real estate agents are bearish.  Calling for doom and gloom in the industry.  However I do not feel that way at all.

Starter Homes & the lower price ranges

Nice starter home in Ferndale that has been updated

First of all we have very few listings especially in the lower price ranges.  In the first time home buyer up to the $350,000 to $375,000 range we still have quite a few buyers out there looking for homes and a limited amount of inventory.   What I have seen selling homes and trying to find homes is there are still multiple offer situations on the best homes.  Everybody wants that updated and move in ready home.  Buyers will pass up a dated and “needs work” home because they do not have the time, money, or the ability to do all the work.  Today’s want more instant gratification on having the home in the condition they want.  They do not want to have to save up the money to re do the kitchen, or have to deal with the mess.

So homes that have more updates, have granite counter tops, open layouts, newer bathrooms, newer flooring, new kitchens, and fresh paint are still selling fast.  So if you are a seller many times it pays to make the house the best it can be.  (feel free to call or text me on what will bring you the best return or what you should not do before you sell).  There is no sense wasting money and time if you are not going to make the money back.  I recently put up a home for sale on the east side.  It was move in ready and updated.  We had 22 showings, 8 offers, and all of them over list price.  We had priced it at the very top of the market and we still got all the offers over list price.  I have been involved with buyers trying to buy in that price range.  I have been involved with other multiple offer situations.  We have seen houses sell in a few days.  So it is going to be tough to find a home if you do not put your best foot forward.

Search Metro Detroit foreclosures & hot deals

So it is still a hot market in the starter home market up to $350 to $375,000.

Let’s go sailing on Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield

Lake homes in SE Michigan

Let’s talk about the lake market in SE Michigan.  This market is crazy along with some of the sellers.  In the past year I have seen some homes listed over $100,000 over the market price.  Some of the homes that have these crazy high prices are still sitting.  We are not lacking buyers for lake homes.  We are lacking nice condition lake homes, and lake homes tat are well priced.  Home buyers are not stupid.  Sure they may come and look at the lake home, but they are not going to put an offer in on a very over priced home.  Maybe once in a great while it happens to sell because somebody just has to be on the lake.  But 95% of the cases the lake home just sits until the seller lowers the price.  Just because it is the lowest priced house on the lake doesn’t mean that somebody will buy it if it is over priced.

However there is what I call “LAKE EFFECT’.  Lake effect is when somebody want to be on the lake whether it is a specific lake in Oakland County or any lake.  So sometimes people will over pay for a lake home in order to get on a specific lake.  Sometimes they will over pay or just give in and buy a lake home because they want to be on the lake this summer.  So a lake home can sit on the market and all of a sudden get an offer or even a couple of offers when it has sat on the market for months.  It’s crazy but it happens all the time.  I shake my head at it, but sometimes that is the only way some buyers get a lake home.  They have to give up the dream of the “PERFECT” lake home.

If you need a real estate agent that is up to date on the local markets and what is happening feel free to call or text me at (248) 310-6239

Homes in Greenwood Oaks Sub in Novi are going to be what I call average homes.  Just like homes in Golfview Meadows Sub in Livonia are.  Not mega homes just regular homes that have owner occupants.  Not a neighborhood that is near commercial buildings or have a lot of homes that are being rented. Just regular homes.  If you do not know what owner occupants mean here is an explanation of owner occupant buyers mean.

Williams Lake homes in Waterford Twp is a decent size all sports lake.  I really like the lake because they have a strong association.  Other factors that I feel make it a good lake is that there are many families on the lake that have been on the lake for generations.  Many times I run across buyers that want to be on the lake.  Here is an explanation of what does Michigan all sports lake mean?

Feel free to call or email me with questions anytime.  My cell is (248)310-6239 or email me at


Starter Allen Park Homes for sale

4 electric motor only lakes in Bloomfield MI

Let’s take a quiet kayak ride on Forest Lake to Lower Long Lake

When thinking about buying a lake home you have to prioritize what you want.  You may want an active sports lake so you can pull the kids tubing, or race around on a jet ski.  With that type of lake you will have some boat noise.  Most lakes in Metro Detroit do not have lake hours.  One that does i Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield Township.  What I mean by “lake hours” is that there is a law or rules that prohibits you from operating a boat at high speed or towing somebody behind the boat early in the morning or late at night.  I believe off the top of my head Walnut Lake’s lake hours is from 6 PM at night until 10 AM the next morning you cannot do either of those two things.

If you want a quiet lake with no jet skis or power boats you want a electric motor only lake.  That way you will have piece and quiet.  If you prefer a waterfront home in Bloomfield Township or Bloomfield Hills here are videos and information on 4 lakes.  I have also included one lake house for sale in each of these lakes.

Forest Lake Bloomfield MI

Forest Lake is part of a three part chain of lakes that includes Upper Long Lake and Lower Long Lake.  It is a private lake that is 40 acres in size and is 22 feet deep in the deepest spot.  Here is the only waterfront home for sale on Forest Lake in Bloomfield.


1424 LOCHRIDGE Road, Bloomfield Twp 48302 Price: $1,799,000

Let’s take a quiet kayak ride on Forest Lake to Lower Long Lake

Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $7,340
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 02/16/19 Winter Tx: $7,177
School Dist: Bloomfield Hills Beds:
4 Baths: 3.1
Assoc Fee: $375/ANN
SubDiv: INDIANWOOD Sqft Abv: 4,780 Yr Built: 1974
MLS Area: 02193 – Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 4 Car Basement: No
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Contemporary Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0.72 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Water Fac: Lake Front
Lot Dimen: Irregular
Office: Max Broock, REALTORS®-Bloomfield Hills
Spectacular Tobocman home with it’s gorgeous Forest Lake views and water wrapping all around the peninsula! FEATURED IN FREEP’S MICHIGAN HOUSE ENVY! 1974 home was rebuilt in 2003 to Tobocman’s original specs with subtle kitchen and baths updates to meet today’s standards. Extensive glass, gleaming hardwood floors, grand ceiling heights and clean lines combine to make this one of Tobocman’s finest masterpieces! Home boasts and entry level master bedroom suite, an entry level laundry, a family room that connects to the expansive great room with a 2 way fireplace to the dining room for the open concept. Large granite kitchen with breakfast room leads to the side deck. High-end built-in appliances, double sub-zeros, and wine cooler. Another large covered deck is accessible from great room. 4 Car Garage. Ideally located on quiet Forest Lake with access to Lower Long, all-sports Upper Long and a short walk to Forest Lake Country Club! Exclude Family rm TV/surround system



Wing Lake Bloomfield Township

Wing Lake is about 90 feet deep.  Depending on who you talk to the lake is either 108 or 110 acres in size.  It is a private lake

A beautiful fall day on Wing Lake

This is currently the most expensive and one of the beautiful lake homes for sale on Wing Lake in Bloomfield.


5735 FORMAN Drive, Bloomfield Twp 48301 Price: $3,400,000
MLS#: Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $13,813
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 03/01/19 Winter Tx: $13,734
School Dist: Bloomfield Hills Beds:
3 Baths: 5.2
Assoc Fee: $450/ANN
SubDiv: FORMAN’S WING LAKE SUB Sqft Abv: 7,903 Yr Built: 1999
MLS Area: 02193 – Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 5 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air, Radiant, Zoned
Acreage: 1.32 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Water Fac: Lake Front
Lot Dimen: 140x340x160x360
Office: Hall & Hunter-Birmingham
Grandeur abounds throughout this sleek, contemporary residence with a warm woods, stone and glass accents throughout. Masterfully designed to make the most of its location and double lot, the 11000+ sq. ft. home enjoys Wing Lake views from almost every room as well as from outdoor living spaces with infinity edge pool. Sophisticated kitchen features state of the are appliances while the dining room & great room provide ample space for entertaining. Three stylish bedrooms include a fabulous private master wing with sitting room, double sided fireplace, safe room, morning bar and his/her closets & baths w/ radiant heated floors and exceptional details. Lower level area showcases a pool lounge, kitchen, changing room, wet bar with mini kitchen, wine cellar and exercise room. Amenities include 3 flr elevator, extensive security system, automatic window shades, music/movie system throughout, Creston System, 5 fireplaces, 5 car garages and dock w/ pontoon boat. Resort style luxury abounds!

Gilbert Lake Bloomfield Township

Gilbert Lake is about 63 acres in size and the deepest spot is 19 feet deep.  It is a private lake

A beautiful fall day in 2018 on Gilbert Lake

Check out this wonderful lake house for sale on Gilbert Lake in Bloomfield.  Gilbert Lake is also an electric motor only lake.


5653 SHADOW Lane, Bloomfield Twp 48302 Price: $2,450,000
MLS#: Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $10,939
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 10/05/18 Winter Tx: $10,822
School Dist: Bloomfield Hills Beds:
7 Baths: 5.1
Assoc Fee: $250/ANN
SubDiv: SHADOW ACRE ESTATES Sqft Abv: 7,351 Yr Built: 1865
MLS Area: 02193 – Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 4 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Zoned, Other
Acreage: 3.73 Sewer: Septic-Existing
Water Fac: Lake Front
Office: KW Domain
History meets modern lifestyle in this 4 acre resort-like estate on Gilbert Lake. Situated in the heart of Bloomfield Hills, lush trees privately surround the park-like grounds featuring salt water pools, tennis court, lake front & multiple entertaining porches, terraces, & patios. Owners renovated every inch of this masterpiece including grounds, infrastructure & mechanicals to 21st century standards while preserving its classic architectural charm. Each appointment creates an ambiance of function & form from wood beams, historic stain glass ceiling, custom woodwork, & newer floor to ceiling windowed walls. Sophisticated kitchen open to family room centers the gracious living spaces. Master suite w/ walk in closet & spa-bath, 2 bedroom suites, plus a large laundry room completes the 2nd level. Finished lower level, 4 car garage, & 2 bedroom guest house w/ kitchen, living rm & full bath. This 5 star signature estate offers the ultimate in privacy, comfort, luxury & convenience.

Lower Long Lake Bloomfield MI

Lower Long Lake is also part of the 3 chain Upper Long Lake Chain in Oakland County that includes Forest Lake.  Lower Long Lake is about 190 acres in size.  The depth is unknown.  If you happen to know the depth email me at

Let’s go fishing on Lower Long Lake

Here is a magnificent home for sale on Lower Long Lake in Bloomfield MI


3950 FRANKLIN Road, Bloomfield Twp 48302 Price: $4,995,000
MLS#: Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $22,849
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 01/16/19 Winter Tx: $22,936
School Dist: Bloomfield Hills Beds:
5 Baths: 6.3
Assoc Fee: $100/ANN
SubDiv: SUPRVR’S PLAT NO 3 – BLOOMFIELD TWP Sqft Abv: 8,540 Yr Built: 1930
MLS Area: 02193 – Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 6 or More Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Baseboard, Forced Air, Hot Water, Radiant
Acreage: 2.51 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Water Fac: Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
Office: Hall & Hunter-Birmingham
This magnificent stone French manor sits beautifully on 2.5 acres with immaculate gardens & grounds and spectacular views of Lower Long Lake. Designed by celebrated architect Wallace Frost the exquisite craftsmanship and intricate details can be seen throughout. From the floating curved limestone staircase to the walls of French doors, high ceilings, beautiful fireplaces to the stunning floorings you will see a truly special estate. 5 bedrooms all with lake views. Master suite w/ his/ hers bathrooms & a cathedral beamed ceiling study. First floor library w/ lacquered paneled walls. 2 screened lakeside pavilions to enjoy the lake.


If you are thinking of buying or selling a lakefront home give me a call.  My cell is (248) 310-6239.  I have helped many lake home buyers and sellers successfully make a move.  Remember we are also part of Michigan Home Town Heroes program that offers big discounts to Veterans, First Responders, Medical Professionals, Educators, and City, County, Government workers.  To Find out more about the program click here.

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#2 Killer of Home sales – Raging emotions during home negotiations

Sure home inspections are the number one reason home sales fall apart.   You can’t stop that. There are also mortgage issues that derail a home sale and of course buyers get flakey.  Yes, buyers do change their mind and sometimes want to bail out of the deal.   As a seller you can’t control those items.  But you can control this next issue.

Updated, move in ready homes sell. Let’s get top dollar for your home.

Did you know that raging emotions and anger are the number #2 killer of home sales?  When  a buyer’s or seller’s emotions come into play during home negotiations it many times kills the deal.  Buyers and sellers are both are guilty when it comes to letting their emotions get the best of them.  You want to get the home to the closing table and the key is some how to stay calm.   Like many of my home selling tips I highlight one city, but this home selling tip is good for any city.

Make your kitchen stand out

Want to know how to be calm during home negotiations and get your SE Michigan home sold with less stress?  The negotiating part of selling your  home is one of the most important parts of getting the home deal closed.  When two parties are far apart the goal is to get both parties to compromise.  After all the goal is to reach a deal where both parties are satisfied.  Sure there are times when the buyer and seller will never get together because they are too far apart or one party will not budge.  Yes, some times one of the parties are unreasonable. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Southfield, Royal Oak, or Canton be rational and remember the end goal.  The end goal is to get your home sold.

So here is a Metro Detroit home selling tip on Home negotiations.

When the buyer and seller have long periods of time to think about the negotiations and sweat about them then sometimes it gets ugly.  Home negotiations sometimes take a turn and become personal.  Home buyers and home sellers get angry and upset with the opposite side.  So if you want to sell your suburban Detroit home step back and keep your emotions out – the buyer is not trying to screw you.  It is the same way on the other side.  The buyer may be feeling the same way about you.

Remember these are just feelings.  Most times these feelings/emotions have no basis.  I have had clients that just get upset for no reason.  Sometimes they feel it is a slight.  They feel the other side is out to take advantage of them.  They feel the other side is out to screw them.  It may be something as simple as the other side taking a longer time to respond.  They may not be taking a long time to respond on purpose.  They may have had family issues, or a work load that had them taking a while to respond.  Most buyers and sellers try to respond to offers and counter offers reasonably quickly.  But this is one time emotions come out.

This is a cozy family room

On the next Southeastern Michigan home you buy you are going to try to get the best deal possible.  Just like you the buyers of your home are pushing to get the best deal possible.  You want to sell your Michigan home for the most possible money with the least amount of grief.  The buyer naturally wants to pay the least they can.  That’s natural.  We all have different opinions of what is a “fair price” or what is a “fair deal”.  That’s natural and that’s when it gets dicey.  Tempers flare, and negotiations can fall apart when your emotions get involved.

So try to stay calm because you will be able to negotiate better on your home when you don’t let anger get in the way.  So that’s my Michigan home selling tip on negotiations.  Stay calm and realize that it is a business deal and not personal.  It doesn’t matter if it is a home in a Plymouth Commons subdivision in Plymouth Michigan or a home in Howell Michigan.

Hire one of the best to sell your home

If you have a good real estate agent in your corner they will help you stay calm and work hard to get your sale to the closing table.  Give me a call at (248) 310-6239 is you need a good real estate agent.  A good real estate agent will do their best to protect your interests and get you and your home deal to the closing table.

Success on your next move depends on a good working partnership between you and your agent.  I want you to sell your home for the best price possible.  Here is an old article on Farmington Hills Condos & Homes for Sale!  It is pretty interesting to see how much home prices have increased over the few last years.  Home prices are continuing to rise, however at some point we are going to see a correction.   That is why as a First Time Home Buyer you have to be smart and not over pay when you buy a home.  Ask your real estate agent for the latest comps in the area.

Homes for sale in Wixom

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Are there any chains of lakes in Oakland County?

You have plenty of lakes to boat on here

If you didn’t know there are several very nice chains of lakes in Livingston County.  The most well known chain of lakes in SE Michigan is the Portage Chain of Lakes near Hamburg and Pinckney.  That chain of lakes include Strawberry Lake, Baseline Lake, Zukey Lake, Big and Little Portage Lake along with a few others.  Does Oakland County have any chain of lakes like that chain in Livingston County?  I have to bee completely honest with you…..there are no chains of lakes in Oakland County that compare to that chain for these reasons:

  1. Size of the chain.  The sizes of the lakes on any Oakland County are smaller (in acreage) than the Portage Chain of Lakes
  2. Ability to get from one lake to another.  Many of Oakland County chain of lakes are limited by the type of boat that can get from one lake to another.  Many times pontoons cannot go from one lake to another.

There are 3 chains of lakes in Oakland County.  I will break the three different chains for you.  Of course there are probably 5 or more lakes that connect to one other lakes but these are the three biggest chain of lakes in Oakland County.

1.)  Loon Lake Chain of Lakes.

Isn’t this a beautiful home.  This home is not for sale but just an example of the beautiful homes on the lake.

This includes Schoolhouse Lake in Waterford, Loon Lake, Wormer Lake, Mohawk Lake, and Silver Lake.   Loon Lake is the biggest lake on the chain at 243 acres.  The rest of the lakes on the chain are under 100 acres.  You can do water sports on Loon Lake and School Lake easily.  The other 2 lakes

Wouldn’t you like to be on the lake on a sunny day like this

Mohawk and Wormer which are smaller.  You could tube or ski on them but they are small.  All of the lakes on this chain are in Waterford Township.   You can do all the water sports you want on Silver Lake too…..however you only can take a small boat like a kayak over to Silver Lake from the chain.

I will tell you first that this chain is that you CANNOT get to any of these lakes from one to another with a pontoon boat.   At least with a newer pontoon.  You have to go under roads to get from one lake to another.  The height of the culverts/bridges only allow for speedboats, ski boats, kayaks, row boats and fishing boats with lower sides.  (Lower in height).  The height of the boat determines whether you can get from one lake to another.  Today’s pontoon boats have higher side rails, higher steering counsels, and higher captain chairs that will not fit through these tunnels.  Plus today’s pontoon, the actual toons are bigger.  An older pontoon with small pontoons and low rails may be able to fit thru the culverts.  However if you are going to buy a house on this chain I would try it out first.  There is a public launch on Loon Lake in Waterford and you can boat all the way up to Wormer and Mohawk Lake in Oakland County.  This chain is part of the Clinton River and lies entirely in Waterford Township.

Here is a quick aerial view video of Loon Lake

2.) Upper Long Lake chain of lakes in Bloomfield

Let’s have a fun day on the pontoon with family and friends.

This chain of lake is a private chain of lakes in West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township.  The three lakes that is part of this chain are Upper Long Lake, Lower Long Lake, and Forest Lake in Bloomfield Twp.  Forest Lake and Lower Long Lake lie entirely in Bloomfield Twp.  Upper Long Lake lies in both West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township.  The lakefront properties on these lakes are going to be more costly than some homes on other lakes in surrounding communities.  The prestige of the communities plus the excellent school systems make these lake properties highly desirable.

Aerial view of Upper Long Lake in Oakland County MI

There is no public access or DNR access on the lakes.  So only the residents are going to be using the lake with the exception of a couple of nearby subdivisions that have deeded rights to us the lake.  What I have to explain about these three lakes and the chain is that only Upper Long Lake is an all sports lake.  Both Forest Lake and Lower Long Lake are electric motor only lakes.  You can only use hand powered, wind powered, or electric powered boats on these lakes.  No jet skis are allowed on these two lakes.  So if you live on Forest Lake in Bloomfield Twp or Lower Long Lake and want to ski on Upper Long Lake you would have to have two motors on your pontoon boat.  You would have to use the electric motor to get over to Upper Long Lake and then turn on the gas motor to ski or tube.  You could own a jet ski on either of these lakes but only could tow it over to use on Upper Long Lake in West Bloomfield.

If you live on Upper Long Lake and want to go to the other two lakes you would have to get a electric motor to go to Lower Long Lake in Bloomfield Township and Forest Lake.  I have been told that the fishing is good on these lakes.  Also if you did not know Upper Long Lake lies in both West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township.

3.) Maceday Lotus Lake Chain of Lakes

Let’s go over to Van Norman Lake or Greens Lake today

I don’t know if you can truly call this a true Oakland County chain of lakes. I would say could really split this chain in two parts.   Maceday Lake and

Untarp the pontoon and let’s go for a ride

Lotus Lake are basically one big lake.  There is no real discernible split between the two lakes.  No long channel to get from Maceday to Lotus. On Maceday and Lotus Lakes you have full access with any type of boat to get from one lake to the other.   Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake are both all sports lakes and big.  You have plenty of room to ski, jet ski, tube, or wake board to your hearts content.  You won’t be able to get to the other lakes with a pontoon or power boat.  The only way to get from Lotus Lake in Waterford to Lester Lake is a longer low tunnel under the rail road tracks.  It is only suitable for kayaks, canoes, and narrow row boats.

This last chain of lakes in Oakland County is unique too.  The lakes that are part of this Oakland County Chain of lakes are Maceday Lake in Waterford, Lotus Lakes that lies in both Waterford and Independence Township, Greens Lake, Lester Lake, and Van Norman Lake.

On the other side of the tracks is Lester Lake in Waterford, Van Norman Lake, and Greens Lake.  You can get from one to the others fairly easy.  A chain of lakes does add to the enjoyment of the lake especially if you get bored of going round and round in a circle.  A chain of lakes gives you more coast line to see.  More homes to see, more places to fish, and a longer time on the water.

I hope this helped you understand the chain of lakes.  What I can tell you is that lake living is a wonderful way of life.  I myself live on White Lake in White Lake Township.  I love it and I think you will too.  Whether you are buying or selling on a lake I can help you.  Email me at or call or text me at (248)310-6239.  Let’s get started finding your dream home.

Remember I offer several incentives to work with me whether you are buying or selling.  I have one of the best home buying bonuses out there.  You have many choices of which gift you get.

Get something extra when you buy a home with Russ

Or if you are a first responder, veteran, medical, government, or school employee we have the local Michigan Hometown Heroes program for you.  Click the link and learn all about it.  You can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  You can only be part of one of these programs.  You can’t get the closing cost savings on the home town heroes program and get the home buyer bonus too.


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3 beautiful lakes in White Lake Township

Bogie Lake White Lake MI

Are you looking for a lake home in Oakland County?  Have you heard of any of the lakes in White Lake Township.  Here are three different lakes in the township.  They are fairly close together, but none of them are connected.  There is no chain of lakes in White Lake Township.  You really can’t get from any one lake in the township to another unless it is by kayaking and by portaging your kayak.  No way to take a speed boat or pontoon from one lake to another.

White Lake township has several large all sports lakes.  Three of them are:

Here is a quick video on Cedar Island Lake and information on it.

Cedar Island Lake is one of my personal favorites as I have spent time on it myself.  I have skied, swam, and boated on Cedar Island Lake many times.  I have quite a few friends on the lake.  What I like about the lake is that it is just not a round lake.  I am not one of those people that like to go round and round in a circle.  Cedar Island Lake has many different bays and canals which makes for a nice pontoon ride.

  • All sports                        Yes
  • Size                                  169 acres surface area
  • Deepest spot                  72 ft
  • Overall depth                 Unknown to me
  • Wake Restrictions        All Canals are no wake
  • Public Beach                  No
  • Public access                  Yes
  • Public access parking   4 vehicles
  • Water Source                 Huron River Watershed Oxbow Lake
  • Lake Association           Multiple


Bogie Lake is one of Oakland County’s nice electric motor lakes.  It is not a huge lake, but you normally do not see big non all sports lakes in the county.   You can see the lake on the east side of the Bogie Lake Road before you come to the round about near Long’s Farm.

  • All sports lake                     No – Electric Motors only
  • Private                                  Yes
  • Size                                        50 acres
  • Maximum Depth                38 feet deep
  • Public Access                       No
  • Public Beach                        No
  • Wake restrictions               Unknown
  • Water Source                      Spring fed


Oxbow Lake is a big all sports lake that you can see off M-59.  It lies on the south side of M-59 just east of Teggerdine before you get to Walmart and Home Depot.  It is a private all sports lake that has an irregular shape.   There is also a reed area in the lake that gives a the lake a natural look.   Many people like the lake because it has a small rustic bar on the lake.  Not much docking, but a few boats can tie up there.   The lake homes on Oxbow lake range from little cottages to quite a few homes in the 2,500 to 4,000 square foot range.  I would call these normal subdivision homes with brick exteriors, 2 & 3 car garages, and walkout basements.

  • School district for the lake                 Huron Valley
  • Streets around the lake are                Paved, Gravel
  • City water                                              Well, muncipal
  • City sewer                                              Septic
  • Canals on Lake                                     yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • All sports lake                                      Yes
  • Private                                                   Yes
  • Size                                                         270 acres
  • Maximum Depth                                 72 feet
  • Public Access                                       No
  • Public Beach                                        No

Doesn’t that slide look inviting for the kids? Oxbow Lake White Lake MI

Whether you are looking for a lake house on a big all sports lake, or a home on a quiet non all sports lake White Lake Township has a lake for you.  I myself live in White Lake on all sports 540 acre White Lake.  I have grown to love the area and all it has to offer.  Yes, shopping is not like living in Livonia, Northville, or Plymouth.   But you become used to less stores around you.  (You don’t spend as much).  We have plenty of restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and even a near by hospital.  So you lack for nothing.

If I can help find you a lake home or help you sell your lake home give me a call.  You know I know the lakes, and I know about the lake life style as I live it.  Plus you know that my websites are the best for local lake information and where a lake home for sale will get the most attention.  Especially if you are going to list your lake home you will want it on my website.

Call or email me today about your lake move.

(248) 310-6239 or

Russ Ravary your lakes area realtor

Russ Ravary your lakes area realtor














Here is a list of the Best all sports lakes to buy on in Waterford MI  or maybe you would rather have a Lakefront Homes in West Bloomfield.  Whatever you decide I believe you will love lakefront living.  It is a whole different style of life.  It is more relaxing to be able to come home at the end of the day and be able to get on the boat or just sit on your deck and look at the lake.  Here are 3 great lakes for sunset views in Oakland County MI!

Here is an old post of mine on the event of Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night!

Lakefront homes for sale in White Lake Twp





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Homes for sale in West Bloomfield – real estate update

Whether you are buying or selling a home in West Bloomfield it really pays to know what is happening right now.  It will help you make a smart decision on your next real estate move.  That is what I want for my clients.   I want you to keep the most money possible in your pocket.  This first table is the average sales price in the West Bloomfield zip code.

The next chart is how many month supply we have in homes in West Bloomfield Twp.  It is still as sellers market, but some of these homes have been on the market to long.  If you only had a 1 or 2 month supply it would be a really strong sellers market but it is not!  Here are some West Bloomfield top home selling tips.

Here is the average price per square foot of the West Bloomfield homes that sold over the last 3 years.  This is for all price ranges.  If you have specific price range that you are in email me at and I will send you the stats for your price range and the comps for your home.  As you can see last year we did have a dip in the sales prices.  Over all it has been steadily rising but right now we are flat lining.  So you don’t want to be crazy when pricing your home.

Right now the average days on the market for the current West Bloomfield homes is 39 days which isn’t bad.  What that means is “IF” you price your home right it should sell under 39 days.  If your home is one the market much longer than that then you are either over priced or the home needs to be in better condition.


As you can see from the next graph on the number of sales is that they have been steadily going down over the years.  This will continue to help make it a sellers market.  The lower the inventory the higher the demand from buyers.

Currently there are 207 West Bloomfield homes for sale.  Here are the 3 highest price homes for sale in Bloomfield Township.


3222 MIDDLEBELT Road, West Bloomfield Twp 48323 Price: $3,499,000
MLS#: 218091392 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $30,586
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 09/18/18 Winter Tx: $28,887
School Dist: Bloomfield Hills Beds:
6 Baths: 7.4
Assoc Fee: $150/ANN
SubDiv: SUPRVR’S PLAT OF SCARBOROUGH BEACH Sqft Abv: 7,472 Yr Built: 1999
MLS Area: 02181 – West Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 4 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 1 1/2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Other Heating: Forced Air, Radiant, Wall/Floor Furnace, Zoned
Acreage: 1.89 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Water Fac: Lake Front
Lot Dimen: 197.48X478.03
Office: Max Broock, REALTORS®-Birmingham
Spectacular gated estate on the westerly sandy shores of all sports Pine Lake. This almost 2 acre sanctuary sits on a double lot with a circular drive leading to a stunning entrance with marble flooring and sweeping staircase with dazzling details. Designed for regal entertaining with two-story ceilings complete the elegant design. Formal living room, dining room and kitchen open to family room showcasing views of the waterfront and gardens. Judges style library and entry level master suite with dressing room, private entrance to exercise room and views of water complete the first floor. Bedrooms suites and sitting area on the upper level. Finished walkout lower level boasts wine cellar, full kitchen, sunken bar, guest suites, exercise studio and access to terraces and 3 stall boathouse for storage and dock. Quality and integrity throughout! 24 hour notice required

2898 WALNUT LAKE Road, West Bloomfield Twp 48323 Price: $3,650,000
MLS#: 218083577 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $19,197
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 09/19/18 Winter Tx: $15,010
School Dist: Birmingham Beds:
4 Baths: 5.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: Sqft Abv: 3,855 Yr Built: 1999
MLS Area: 02181 – West Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: No
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Ranch Heating: Forced Air, Zoned
Acreage: 1.03 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Water Fac: Lake Front
Office: KW Domain
Experience the grandeur and elegance of this one of a kind Mediterranean villa located on prestigious All-Sports Walnut Lake. This estate quality home boasts nearly 7,700 square feet with a rare combination of incredible panoramic lake views and privacy. The attention to detail in every inch is meticulous featuring marble floors, custom cherry bar and built-ins, hand painted plaster molding, intricate woodwork, & curved wood staircase to name just a few. Gourmet chef style kitchen with expansive island, custom cabinetry, & state of the art appliances opens to breakfast room and large family room with spectacular waterfront views. Walk out lower level of your dreams boasts recreation area, full size fitness center. True outdoor retreat oasis features large covered terrace, pool, and sprawling lawn providing the perfect venue for indoor & outdoor entertaining. Incredible opportunity to own this exclusive private lakefront estate in the heart of it all w/ award winning Birmingham schools

3721 NORTHWOOD, West Bloomfield Twp 48324 Price: $3,670,000
MLS#: 218119577 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $6,323
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 12/21/18 Winter Tx: $2,139
School Dist: West Bloomfield Beds:
4 Baths: 4.2
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: UPPER STRAITS BEACH Sqft Abv: 6,000 Yr Built: 2019
MLS Area: 02181 – West Bloomfield Twp Grg Size: 3 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 3.89 Sewer: Septic-Existing, Sewer at Street
Water Fac: Lake/River Priv
Lot Dimen: 200X847.38
**EXCLUSIVE DesRosiers Architects** This luxury modern mason is “To Be Custom Built” to the highest quality detail and standards that suits your most elegant tastes.Lake access to ALL SPORTS UPPER STRAITS LAKE In one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in West Bloomfield, this elegant custom estate will meet the highest expectations. Currently in the planning stage, call to schedule a visit to see the attention to detail to building a modern mansion -put in each step of the way. Chef’s kitchen includes all High end appliances,custom cabinets, large island, granite and pantry. This home will have an open two-story foyer, vaulted ceilings, large mudroom, custom stained hardwood floor, and your choice of second floor or First Floor Master Suite. Envision the home of your dreams that reflects your demand for detail and excellence in this one-of-a-kind, beyond upscale, subdivision of Upper Straits Beach. Home offers both beach and boat launch access.

Russ Ravary’s Michigan Home buyer bonus is the best home buyers bonus out there.  You can get a kayak, a snowblower, a gift card to Lowes, Home Depot. or Menards.  Those are just a few of your choices as your bonus.  Up to $500 in value.  If you are relocating to Metro Detroit visit my relocation site.  Lots of local info on schools and the best cites out there. Check out the newest listings and homes for sale in SE Michigan

I am a full time real estate agent with 19 years of experience helping my clients buy and sell real estate.  I am in the top 1% of the nations realtors.  My knowledge and experience can make your next real estate move less stressful and easier.  So give me a call today to get started.

West Bloomfield homes for sale


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Homes for sale Commerce MI – Real estate update 2/2019

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Commerce Township you should know what the real estate market is like.  This will help you set your price if you are selling, and know what your competition is.  If you know what is going on then it will help you be realistic in your expectations of sales time and sales price.

This first table is the average sales price in the 48382 zip code.

The next chart is how many month supply we have in homes.  It is still as sellers market, but some of these homes have been on the market to long.  If you only had a 1 or 2 month supply it would be a really strong sellers market but it is not!  Here are some Michigan home selling tips.

It is a great community to live in

Here is the average price per square foot of the homes that sold.  This is for all price ranges.  If you have specific price range that you are in email me at and I will send you the stats for your price range and the comps for your home.  As you can see last year we did have a dip in the sales prices.  Over all it has been steadily rising but right now we are flat lining.  So you don’t want to be crazy when pricing your home.

Right now the average Days on the market is 36 days which isn’t bad.  What that means is “IF” you price your home right it should sell under 36 days.  If your home is one the market much longer than that then you are either over priced or the home needs to be in better condition.


As you can see from the next graph on the number of sales is that they have been steadily going down over the years.  This will continue to help make it a sellers market.  The lower the inventory the higher the demand from buyers.


Here are the three highest price homes currently for sale in Commerce Township.  Whether you are looking too sell a home in Commerce or any home in Southeastern Michigan feel free to call or text me anytime.  I get results for my clients.


4803 WALDON WOODS Drive, Commerce Twp 48382 Price: $325,000
MLS#: 219003795 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $2,379
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 01/14/19 Winter Tx: $1,053
School Dist: Huron Valley Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee: $240/ANN
SubDiv: THE PRESERVE OCCPN 898 Sqft Abv: 2,304 Yr Built: 1996
MLS Area: 02171 – Commerce Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Municipal Water
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0.49 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 105X202X105X202
Office: Luke Investments R E

8474 ARLIS Street, Commerce Twp 48382 Price: $329,900
MLS#: 219003560 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $1,830
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 01/12/19 Winter Tx: $527
School Dist: Walled Lake Beds:
4 Baths: 2.1
Assoc Fee:
SubDiv: LAKESIDE SUB Sqft Abv: 2,200 Yr Built: 2018
MLS Area: 02171 – Commerce Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: No
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0.5 Sewer: Sewer at Street
Water Fac: Lake/River Priv
Lot Dimen: 60.00X266.00
Office: National Realty Centers-Northville
Finish building your dream house , brand new construction , with lake access to lower straits lake, builder welcomes the buyer to customize the finishing touches , pick out your own granite ,carpet ,paint ,cabinets ,color scheme,in order to complete this home. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets off the master bedrooms deck over looking the lake ,with beautiful scenic views , large 2.5 car garage for additional storage ,on close to 1/2 acre lot perfect for entertaining, this home will not last long , if your truly looking for place to call home and customize look no further , backing up to Edge-wood Country Club Please be aware home is not finished, enter with caution home to be completed end of MARCH

1691 TRACE HOLLOW Drive, Commerce Twp 48382 Price: $334,900
MLS#: 219000158 Residential Status: ACTV Summer Tx: $2,879
County: Oakland Stat Dt: 01/02/19 Winter Tx: $1,301
School Dist: Walled Lake Beds:
4 Baths: 2.2
Assoc Fee: $300/ANN
SubDiv: TIMBER TRACE ESTATES CONDO OCCPN 2027 Sqft Abv: 2,042 Yr Built: 2013
MLS Area: 02171 – Commerce Twp Grg Size: 2 Car Basement: Yes
Architecture: 2 Story Water: Well-Existing
Style:  Colonial Heating: Forced Air
Acreage: 0 Sewer: Sewer-Sanitary
Lot Dimen: 83 x 168 x 83 x 128
Office: KW Showcase Realty
ACT NOW-THIS HOUSE IS PRICED FOR IMMEDIATE SALE! Gorgeous, 2013 built customized colonial. Features include: Stunning 2 story foyer w/ exquisite chandelier. Bright & cheerful formal living rm vaulted ceilings, French doors leading to intimate study/formal dining room. Immaculate white eat in kitchen w/ gourmet appliances, granite counter tops & island, open to family room w/ a lovely gas fireplace & a doorwall leading to fabulous custom composite deck – perfect for entertaining large crowd. 4 bedrooms total. Beautiful master suite w/ oversized tub, sep. shower, dual sinks, & private commode. Plenty of space & large windows in each of the additional bedrooms. Impressive finished day light lower level w/ sensational 29 X 14 rec room & yet another beautiful 1/2 bath. You’ll never miss a beat w/ the interior & exterior sound system. Located on a wonderful lot which abuts the development’s nature preserve. + Award Winning Walled Lake Schools!!

Whether you are buying or selling in Commerce Township email me, call me, or text me at or at (248) 310-6239

Hire the best real estate agent you can. One that will look out for you

Do you have a relocation to Michigan specifically the metro Detroit area.  You may be pleased to know that we have several lake areas in the metro Detroit area.  They are a little farther out with a longer commute but you may want to know about the best All- Sports Lakes in White Lake Township.  If you don’t know what an all sports lake is….it is a lake that you can have any type of boat on. (including speed boats and jet skis).  An all sports lake you can ski, wakeboard, or surf if you want.  One of the many nice lakes in the area is Pine Lake in W Bloomfield.

Here his a list of homes for sale in Commerce Township







Commerce Homes for sale

Previous Next 1-30 of 103
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What is the size of Cass Lake in West Bloomfield?

Let’s pack up the boat and get out on the lake!

Knowing which Oakland County lakes are the biggest is one of the major concerns to many lake home buyers.  It because some people do not a small lake because they get bored on a small lake.  They do not want to be able to see the whole lake in 20 minutes.  Other people are big water skiers, or wake boarders.  They like towing people behind their boat.  They want room and space between them and other boats.  They may want to rip around on their speed boat or jet ski.  The bigger the better for some lake home buyers.  This article is to explain how Cass Lake compares to other inland lakes in Michigan and to other local Lakes.

How big is Cass Lake in Keego Harbor?”  Cass Lake is Oakland County’s largest lake at 1280 acres.  It does connect to one other lake that adds a few acres to your fun.  Here is a short video on the lake that tell you a little bit about the lake, the homes,  and gives you a lot of visual information too.    Every once in a while I will hear somebody say it is too busy of a lake, but I don’t believe it is any busier per acre than any other public lake on holidays or weekends during the summer.  All the local big all sports lakes in Metro Detroit are busy on the weekend and on the holidays.  It is a common theme.

Sail, jet ski, or paddle board are all great options today!

Even though Cass Lake is one of metro Detroit’s largest lakes it is small compared to the bigger inland lakes up north.  Cass Lake does not even fall into the top 20 of the largest lakes in Michigan.  What makes Cass Lake great for many metro Detroit lake home buyers is that it is not too far from Orchard Lake Rd, or from Telegraph Rd.  Both of those main thorough fares makes it much easier to get back and forth to work.  Commute time to and from work eliminates some lakes in Oakland County.  If you do not know many of the roads in the lakes area are just two lane roads that wind around the lakes.  It makes the commute tough sometimes when your are further north or west of Telegraph or I-96.



Just when you thought Cass Lake was big enough you get a little bonus too.  Did you know that Dow Lake in Orchard Lake is a little lake that connects to Cass Lake?  Dow Lake is a no wake lake that only has a few homes on it.  Some of them are big luxury custom built estate style homes .  So you can live on a quiet little lake with a nice lake view yet have the access to a huge all sports lake.

Information about Cass Lake in Orchard Lake Mi

  • Cass Lake size                                 1280 acres
  • All sports lake                                      Yes
  • Wake restrictions                                Yes in some areas
  • Deepest spot                                         123 ft deep
  • Average Depth                                     26 feet
  • Let’s go pickup some friends

    Approx size                                          .3 mile wide X 1 mile long

  • Public access                                       Yes through Dodge Park
  • No# of parking spots                         over 80 at public access
  • Public Beach                                        unknown ( if you know email me)
  • Marina on lake                                    Yes
  • Shoreline                                              Approx. 25 miles
  • Named                                                  After early Michigan Governor Lewis Cass
  • Water Source                                      Orchard Lake drains into Cass Lake
  • Cities the lake lies in                          Waterford, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake
  • School district for the lake                Waterford, West Bloomfield
  • Streets around the lake are               paved , private
  • City water                                             well, community, municipal
  • City sewer                                             sewer sanitary, sewer at street
  • Canals on Lake                                    yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                  yes
  • Water-ski course                                n/a
  • Condominiums                                  yes

Cass Lake Waterford MI

When looking for a lake condo Oakland County Cass Lake has two condo complexes that I know of.  Port Cove Condos and The Reserves.  Port Cove condominiums are across the street from the lake and some of them do not face the lake.  Cass Lake waterfront condos range from 700 square feet to just a little over 2000 square foot.  So if you do not want the trouble of doing yard work or maintaining the outside of your home then a waterfront condo may be the way to go.  More time on the lake and less time working!

Let’s go fishing on the public pier on Cass Lake in Marshbank Park

There is a State Park on the lake that has a big parking lot for boats and trailers.  The public can put their boat in the lake anytime they want.  There are also canals and canal front homes that add to the number of boats on the lake.   I myself would buy on the lake because I really believe that it is no busier than other lakes. If you did not know there are a couple of shallow areas that people congregate at.  There is a sandbar on the Keego Harbor side of the lake.

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